Wednesday, December 31, 2014


First off! Happy New Year to you all. I am so thankful for each and everyone of you guys. Thank you for growing with me. Thank you for continuously supporting me. Thank you for each and every single view, comment, smile, giggle and frown that happened as you looked at my blog. This is going to be an amazing year! For YOU and I both!

 I hope you all are enjoying this amazing time with your loved ones, and of course working on your new year goals. I have a lot of things that i need to improve on from this point forward, so i told myself i won't wait till 2015. Don't wait up guys, get moving now! Procrastination is the thief of all progress, so don't fall victim. 

It's the end of the year and i am feeling very glamorous in an old fashion way. For those of you all that don't know, i am obsessed with all things vintage. Today i decided to pair up my ASOS dress with my current heels obsession.  By the way people, this dress is the itchiest thing on this planet. Gawwjuss but itchy! Is it worth the itch? Yes! but we can combat it with a tank top underneath. I am also currently obsessed with this veil! I have worn it so many times now and i won't stop till it rips lol. It is such a sophisticated piece to own and i am just obsessed. Tell me guys, what is your current statement accessory at the moment? Mine is this veil of life. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to style it with my Pharaoh earrings and leather gloves. Guys, i kept this look super simple because sometimes simple is all you need. This is a look for a day out in the city with your girls, maybe brunch? and surely a museum visit?  This look was pulled out of my 1970 look book archives guys, this is not a modern day look but it surely could be modernized. Have fun with your clothes!



Dress- Asos


Pharaoh Earrings- A gift

Face veil- Ebay people, Ebay

Leather gloves- Thrift shop

Clutch- Thrift shop

Xoxo Kris

Friday, December 12, 2014

Holiday Chic


Monday, November 17, 2014


Hi lovelies! How are you all feeling today? It wouldn't hurt to drop a short comment below just to brighten up my day and letting me know how you all are, would it?:) As for me, I have been going through some trials and tribulation but I can't complain because God has blessed and continues to do so. I do pray for better days nonetheless. Today I am styling my olive green coat which I absolutely love. I Love love love this piece. The length is perfect and the color is fall welcoming; not too bright. Let's not forget how gorgeous the details are from the cuts to the buttons.  I haven't been able to put it down since I purchased it at a local vintage store people, it's my go to coat. Let me brief you all on the background of this coat; when I first saw it I instantly loved it but i just didn't think i need another coat this winter. I convinced myself I didn't need it even though I wanted it. So I spent a weekend restlessly thinking about it because i knew someone else had bought it. I had missed on this coat. I asked God to show me a sign that the coat was meant to be mine guys and he surely did. I went back into the store the following Monday and there it was, waiting for mama. I was even lucky enough to get a 20% discount. This has become a staple piece in my closet so I figured I would style it for you all in different outfit combinations to show the versatility that the coat provides. Really all you need is one staple piece when it comes to coats. This season the camel color is trending but i am not a trend follower. I walk my own path so i opted for this olive green coat instead.  This coat gives every look a certain sense of chic, class and sass. I styled it in 4 different looks for 4 different outings. The outfit details will be at the end of every look. I had so much fun styling this coat guys, i mean the possibilities were endless but these are the looks are settled with. 


 Leave comments on which one was your favorite! Outfit details at the end of each look!

Look One

White crop top- H&M 

White pants- Vintage shop 

White clutch- Urban Outfitters

Shoes - 


Dress-Vintage shop

Purse-Vintage shop



Top-Vintage shop

Pants-Vintage shop


Earrings- Forever21




Shoes- Gift 

Purse-Vintage shop

Necklace- Vintage Shop

Earrings- Forever21

Xoxo Kris

Sunday, November 2, 2014



Monday, October 27, 2014


 Hey guys! How is everyone doing? No one ever answers me but i'll keep asking:(  So today i figured you guys can get to know me, for those who don't know me and for those that do, you can find out something new. I'll post 19 pictures and for every picture, there will be one thing you get to find out about me. I have been wanting to do this for a while so why not today? so here it is! Let me know one fact about you in the comment box below! I want to get to know you guys as well but no one ever answers but this will be my lucky day! 

P.S outfit details will be at the end since i'm focusing on something else. 

19. I might come off very serious in pictures but i am the wierdest, wittiest, most personable person you would ever meet.

18. I absolutely despise even numbers hence i pick 19 not because i was born on that day:) no really because i don't like even numbers. I like numbers like 69, 99, 107, 23

17. Black is very much so my favorite color. I wear other colors just because my black clothes all get dirty at the same time and i have nothing else to wear. lol No i wear black because it makes me feel confident, classy, powerful and determined.

16. Please believe me when i tell you i didn't realize what my personal style was till i went to Paris last December. It was a life-changing experience. I wasn't always this "knowledgeable" all my life.

15. I go to the movies by myself. I absolutely hate going with people. I need silence through out a movie so i can connect with the characters. No seriously. Plus it's therapeutic. 

14. I want to aspire as a Fashion Designer. I have been sketching for a while ( 2 months only) lol but i want to launch my first line in 4 years. It will be an "ALL BLACK" collection. 

13. I love riding bicycles. I stop random people on the street to ask to ride their bicycles. They usually say no but it has never stopped me from continuously trying. I will never stop:)

12. I plan on writing a book years from now; i have a story line already. By the way I didn't realize i could write till you all started complimenting my work. It has all been a result of reading so many novels as a pre-teen which led to my poetic writing skills lol. It is a talent from God guys, but don't ask me to write about school stuff now. I am illiterate. 

11. I love details and uniqueness, hence i am addicted vintage stops. I go there more than 4 times a week. You do the math. By the way, the next time you see your local vintage shop, check inside i should be there between the racks. I love that place. 

10. Traveling is one of my biggest life goals and passion. I would love to have travel 15 countries by the age of 25; i want to draw inspiration for my one day novel and clothes collection from the beauty around the world. 

9. I don't wear make up because i am allergic to it, plus i don't have the time and the patience. What i have time for is a good black lipstick and some arch eye-brows ohhhh-kayyy?!

8. I dress up everyday of the week. The only day i dress down is Sundays which is ironic right? I go to church super casual because on the 7th day, God rested. So do I people! so do I. 

7. I only listen to Alternative music, i really like the depressing kind but it doesn't depress me at all. I absolutely love it. For example Sarasvati-Mary Lambert. She is the bomb!

6. Patience hasn't always been a virtue of mine but God has help me through out the years. I am happy to say i am alot more patient than i was a year ago. Plus, you get way more accomplish if you hold your horses, so why not hold them?

5. I collect seasonal cards. I absolutely love birthday, christmas, holiday cards not because of the card itself but of the message people write out to me and me only. I have atleast 50 cards from over the years. I always read them to remind myself of what people see in me that i usually don't see in myself. 

4. I am a loner; i do better when i am by myself. I love my friends because they are so different but we have each other in common. Truth be told i like standing alone but it would be nice to see myself in another person and have the pleasure of calling them a friend. 

3. Why do i look so crazy in this picture? Anyways I am attracted by Intelligence and creativity. It's that simple.

2. I am a stylist at heart; the most exciting part of my day is picking out clothes either for myself or others. I absolutely adore fashion. Just got my business cards as a stylist/ personal shopper/ fashion blogger. I am so excited!

1. Everything i am is because of God. He is the most important person in my life and he comes first. My faith is so strong and i believe that i have a mission on this earth but most importantly i praise him for he has made everything possible. 


Shoes-Can't remember

Skirt- A gift from a friend

Turtle neck- A gift from my aunt

Fur vest - Zara

Necklace- H&M

Rings- Forever21

Watch- Casio Quartz

xoxo Kris

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