Friday, January 31, 2014

Unicolor: Amy

Paris Paris Paris, ever since i came back from Paris alot of things have changed especially my sense of fashion. I have always been your girl next door but now i consider myself the girl outside the house lol. I fell in-love with this particular color; black. I have also become a hat junky but this is a story for another time lol. It will be an honor to display my hat collection in a post sometime soon for you all but only if it is okay with you guys:-) Like i was saying, i have been feeling very dark but on this particular Friday, that wasn't the case. I wanted to throw in some color to compliment my natural hair style while remaining mysterious. What i did was i paired up a loose fitting high waist-ed black skirt with an over size cream sweater. This is a french look that i accessorized with an ancient necklace, a yellow handbag and black lipstick. I kept the look exciting by throwing on some dark blue booties. You could never go wrong with booties; it turns casual looks into chic which is what i wanted. My mood described the filter i used for the picture which is Unicolor: Amy. I had a cloudy day but i managed to brightened up my mood thanks to the amazing people in my life.  Feel free to comment on the post and tell me how you were feeling on this particular Friday in-terms of  clothes choices and mood patterns. 

Xoxo Kris
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