Sunday, September 28, 2014


Hey diamonds! I woke up today happy not only because I get a chance to share my look book with you guys but also because I woke up period lol. You'll be surprise because I am actually NOT wearing black on this beautiful Saturday. How could I? with the sun smiling through my window?! I love you Black but no thanks. I looked into my closet and felt the early positive vibes of fall take over me, so I decided to style a bright and neutral color in today's look book. I absolutely adore this gorgeous skirt I got back in March for my birthday festivities not only because it screams class but also the details are exquisite. It gives me a "Kate Middleton" vibe, and who doesn't wants to feel like a princess once in a while? So I paired it up with a plunging neck deep pink top which also yells class but also a double take kind of effect. The pieces spoke volume already so I added a cream clutch to keep the spotlight on the outfit but yet grab attention. I stuck to my oatmeal open toe heels for comfort and comfort. Did i mention comfort? because that's my number one goal when it comes to heels. COMFORT! The "it factor" in my outfit today were the earrings. My oh my please pay attention to the details in my earrings today. They are absolutely gorgeous *British accent* and also took the look from a 0 to 100 real quick. The detail and design spoke volume for itself. My lipstick is ruby woo by Mac which always delivers necessary results. A bright bold lip. This look was so easy to create because my outfit inspirations are based off the art expression that is fashion. I wore this to my nephew's birthday party guys; now I gotta tell you I felt a little over dressed given that I was playing with 5 year olds all day. This look can ultimately be worn on an intimate dinner date, add a bra and wear it to your Sunday service or rock it at an event with the girls. I call it a "TRI-FACTOR". I hope you enjoy my lookbook, and please share with me what you wore this Saturday! 

P.s I am becoming a stylist and fashion blogger so hence, major blog site changes and fashion projects on the way! Stay Tuned! Thank you for your faithfulness. I also want to give a special thanks to my photographer, creative director, dear friend and future bridesmaid Denise O. I appreciate you.  

Skirt- H&M

Blouse- Macy's


Earrings- H&M 

Ruby Woo- Mac

Xoxo Christane

Saturday, September 20, 2014


"Black is the New Black"

I always wore black. I always wear black.  It comes to a surprise to many when i am actually NOT wearing black. I have embodied the essence of black. Why? because black is the new black- like Denise would say. Black on black is unconventionally beautiful. It is the sense of belonging, confidence and acceptance of self that makes black on black a unique piece. I have embodied all that because i believe i can do all through Christ who strengthens me and an all black outfit lol. I have evolved so much, and i continue to evolve with a presence like none before. Today i wanted to give you a look at the unconventional is my black. A look at the way i pair off black items without showing skin but still a touch of feminism. My outfits always came together as i put it on. So i paired the leather skirt with a long sleeve shirt, but to avoid the serious look i through on a kimono. To take it the next level i added a hat and the dark lipstick. The silver necklace was just for fun lol but the black choker was a signature item. It keeps people wandering what my agenda really is. An all black outfit stands on it's own but adding one printed item makes it unconventional. That's what my beauty was, it was unconventional. Why do i say that? because i wasn't drop dead gorgeous but i had a presence, a uniqueness, an it factor that black enhanced. Take a look at how i capture the essence of the picture in every single picture effortlessly because black is doing the work for me.  I hope this can help you create your own unconventional black look! Don't be afraid to try out anything!  I'll be blogging more often about daily looks. I have so many personal projects guys including becoming a stylist or designer! Who knows?! The sky is the limit diamonds!


Talaya and Denise. 


Hat- H& M

90's choker- Icing

Necklace- Vintage shop

Leather skirt- Vintage shop

Long sleeve shirt- H & M

Shoes- Forever 21

Kimono- Forever 21

Bag- Cameroun (My country of birth)

Glasses- Can't remember

Xoxo Kris

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What 21 Taught Me

"You know what 21 taught me? Never don’t say, “I love you.” Say it. Say it a lot. Even if it’s too soon. Say it. Say it because otherwise, it may be too late. Say it because living in love, premature or not, feels like the soft and warm ambient glow of a candle light. Say it because it lights you up inside with the beaming glow of  summer afternoons. Say it because it makes you feel like you’re bathing in the suns golden rays. Let your body be inundated in the warmth your heart transcends to every cell, every hair, and every fingertip. Let it happen.

Recognize the Good in him.  It’s there, it’s the reason he’s even allowed in your universe. Take a little time away from your preoccupation about what he should be or what he could do better to love just what his Good is.

Recognize the Good in yourself. Similar to the notion that there is a Good in him that you love, there is a Good in you that he loves. No, you are not something he does when he’s bored. He sees and feels something in you. Recognize that and be that.

Don't treat him like a contestant in the back-breaking triathlon that is Knowing you. Stop letting people walk away from you no wiser of the golden heart stored in your spirit. Stop thinking people have to earn that privilege. Reveal your spirit in abundance, to everyone and every chance you get. Be your golden heart. 

Just like 21, 22 will come and will go; It does end. Be young while you can. Being ambitious and bold is who you are, but don’t let that cost you the uniquely wonderful nuances of being in your twenties. Don’t let trying to have it all together cost you experiencing the immaturity, the shit-shows, embarrassing moments and hurt. My most valued experience was the diminishing of an old flame, the catastrophe to spark the introspective and spiritual phase of my life that would reveal me to myself. My most cherished memory is of my 21st birthday with my friends spending their hours on end covertly sneaking  into my bedroom and filling it up with over 100  balloons. Completely ridiculous and I've never felt more love from a friend.  Hurt, immaturity and ridiculous belong in your twenties, on purpose. Let these missteps take place.

Start with love. No longer should it be the possible (or more accurately, unlikely) outcome of all of the eons of details, points, sub-details and sub-points that you scrupulously torment over finally aligning. Aligning in a way that would only ever conceivably occur in a metaphysical alternate universe that isn’t this present Reality.  Just like the “perfect moment” in which confessing a shattering truth doesn't exist, everything being perfectly in place will not ever actually come to exist. Life is not linear. Delete the internal checklist of what has to be for “this” to be everything you ever dreamed of. Instead, start there. Start with what you dreamed of. Start with love.

Life is not linear. Nothing happens in the way you want it to because it happens in the way The Universe wants it to. Stop wasting your efforts tormenting over things occurring in a strict A-B-C form. Suggesting that you embrace the whimsy of this would be a dramatized exaggeration but at least accept that your efforts in fighting this is wasted and you are costing yourself marvelous moments in so doing.  

P.s Continue recognize people for who they are at their soul and love them despite their outward guises. Continue hand picking only the most golden of individuals to allow in your life. Continue  harvesting the ultimate love, comfort and solace for life’s storms from within yourself. Continue to be your own soulsister and best friend."

Xoxo Kris

© DiariesOfKris

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