Monday, October 27, 2014


 Hey guys! How is everyone doing? No one ever answers me but i'll keep asking:(  So today i figured you guys can get to know me, for those who don't know me and for those that do, you can find out something new. I'll post 19 pictures and for every picture, there will be one thing you get to find out about me. I have been wanting to do this for a while so why not today? so here it is! Let me know one fact about you in the comment box below! I want to get to know you guys as well but no one ever answers but this will be my lucky day! 

P.S outfit details will be at the end since i'm focusing on something else. 

19. I might come off very serious in pictures but i am the wierdest, wittiest, most personable person you would ever meet.

18. I absolutely despise even numbers hence i pick 19 not because i was born on that day:) no really because i don't like even numbers. I like numbers like 69, 99, 107, 23

17. Black is very much so my favorite color. I wear other colors just because my black clothes all get dirty at the same time and i have nothing else to wear. lol No i wear black because it makes me feel confident, classy, powerful and determined.

16. Please believe me when i tell you i didn't realize what my personal style was till i went to Paris last December. It was a life-changing experience. I wasn't always this "knowledgeable" all my life.

15. I go to the movies by myself. I absolutely hate going with people. I need silence through out a movie so i can connect with the characters. No seriously. Plus it's therapeutic. 

14. I want to aspire as a Fashion Designer. I have been sketching for a while ( 2 months only) lol but i want to launch my first line in 4 years. It will be an "ALL BLACK" collection. 

13. I love riding bicycles. I stop random people on the street to ask to ride their bicycles. They usually say no but it has never stopped me from continuously trying. I will never stop:)

12. I plan on writing a book years from now; i have a story line already. By the way I didn't realize i could write till you all started complimenting my work. It has all been a result of reading so many novels as a pre-teen which led to my poetic writing skills lol. It is a talent from God guys, but don't ask me to write about school stuff now. I am illiterate. 

11. I love details and uniqueness, hence i am addicted vintage stops. I go there more than 4 times a week. You do the math. By the way, the next time you see your local vintage shop, check inside i should be there between the racks. I love that place. 

10. Traveling is one of my biggest life goals and passion. I would love to have travel 15 countries by the age of 25; i want to draw inspiration for my one day novel and clothes collection from the beauty around the world. 

9. I don't wear make up because i am allergic to it, plus i don't have the time and the patience. What i have time for is a good black lipstick and some arch eye-brows ohhhh-kayyy?!

8. I dress up everyday of the week. The only day i dress down is Sundays which is ironic right? I go to church super casual because on the 7th day, God rested. So do I people! so do I. 

7. I only listen to Alternative music, i really like the depressing kind but it doesn't depress me at all. I absolutely love it. For example Sarasvati-Mary Lambert. She is the bomb!

6. Patience hasn't always been a virtue of mine but God has help me through out the years. I am happy to say i am alot more patient than i was a year ago. Plus, you get way more accomplish if you hold your horses, so why not hold them?

5. I collect seasonal cards. I absolutely love birthday, christmas, holiday cards not because of the card itself but of the message people write out to me and me only. I have atleast 50 cards from over the years. I always read them to remind myself of what people see in me that i usually don't see in myself. 

4. I am a loner; i do better when i am by myself. I love my friends because they are so different but we have each other in common. Truth be told i like standing alone but it would be nice to see myself in another person and have the pleasure of calling them a friend. 

3. Why do i look so crazy in this picture? Anyways I am attracted by Intelligence and creativity. It's that simple.

2. I am a stylist at heart; the most exciting part of my day is picking out clothes either for myself or others. I absolutely adore fashion. Just got my business cards as a stylist/ personal shopper/ fashion blogger. I am so excited!

1. Everything i am is because of God. He is the most important person in my life and he comes first. My faith is so strong and i believe that i have a mission on this earth but most importantly i praise him for he has made everything possible. 


Shoes-Can't remember

Skirt- A gift from a friend

Turtle neck- A gift from my aunt

Fur vest - Zara

Necklace- H&M

Rings- Forever21

Watch- Casio Quartz

xoxo Kris


Sunday, October 19, 2014

"Beneath the Shell"

“The True Mark of Maturity is when Somebody Hurts You and You Try to Understand their Situation Instead of Trying to Hurt them Back.”


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

"Street Chic"

I had been having a stressful day because of the anticipation that crept up before a performance. By the way guys for those who don't know, I am part of dance group by the name of "Del'Afrique' at my University. I have been dancing with this group for four years now but the stress right before shows don't get any better than the first time i stepped on a stage. I always get so nervous because I am not a natural dancer unlike my dance mates. I am a writer. I am a stylist. I am a model. A dancer, that I am NOT. We were performing at a talent show, and unfortunately we did not place because the competition was real but we gave a good performance. I am proud of myself and the girls for all the dedication we put in. It is a lot of late nights and early Saturday mornings.  Also we have built a sisterhood along the way so i couldn't ask for it any other way.

 So guys back to my comfort zone. Today i had anticipated shooting for the blog which was a bad idea due to the fact that i had presentations and a performance which required i gave up a lot of time. I manage to sneak in a few shots yet again because i thought you guys would love this combination. Heck! I loved it as well! Did you guys ever feel like you look so good and not enough people have seen you on that special day? That's how i felt today lol. At least you guys get a chance to see me, so i am at peace with myself:)

 I had the pleasure of styling this MUST HAVE coat from H&M. You guys are wandering, must have? YES. Must have, because it sold for 30 dollars only and could be paired up with everything in your closet. The color allows for flexibility and more! Deal or NO deal! Deal guys, deal. I bought it with such a quickness lol. I paired it up with my favorite boyfriend jeans because I was going for a casual street style. Black was the base of the theme so I opted for a black leotard and my black low cut boots. My afrique bookbag! Now guys, that is statement accessory. You can never go wrong with cool patterns so why not throw it in? except for the fact that i also had to carry my books but who cares about that right? Not me:) I was aiming for a cool urban vintage look mix with street style, this was perfect. I didn't get a chance to take more picture because today was such a busy day but I do hope you guys enjoy my look book. 

For all who are wondering, what inspires my style? Anything un-coventional. I am un-predictable. I go from classy skirts to emo black very quick but most importantly i am me. I am very influenced by European Fashion. I draw my inspiration from the color black but most importantly French fashion. The Balmain Paris feeds my fashion appetite to the T. Black screams class, strength, self awareness, confidence, and power. I live for black, try an all black outfit once and let me know.

P.s it is also important that you know that you can style yourself in an exquisite way at a very low price. Everything in this outfit is under $150! So be creative! Bargain but always make sure you buy things you love because they will always all just come together and match imperfectly.  

I have been writing, so i'll be posting that on Sunday 4:19 

Coat- H&M 

Boyfriend jeans - Macy's
Low boots- Easy Spirit
Afrique bookbag- Cameroon
Leotard- H&M 

Glasses- I can't remember

Choker- Ebay 

Xoxo Kris


Sunday, October 12, 2014


I don't know about you guys but i get so excited when i can sneak in a few pictures for a look book on the blog on the night out with the girls.  They always yell at me for not living in the moment, because i'm too busy trying to pose and give face instead of dancing at the silliness happening. lolol Hey! i figured i was better off capturing the moments right?, and that is even better! We all do it so don't judge me lol. Anyways, hi lovely people. Can you believe it is already mid October? I surely can't but i won't complain because you know what time it is? It is pumpkin season time. Hmmm everything pumpkin, from pumpkin spice lattes to pumpkin cupcakes but even better pumpkin pies. I absolutely love the treats that come with the Autumn season. Most importantly, i love the transition into coats and sweaters because of the weather change. I can appreciate pumpkins but a gorgeous well detailed coat? J'aimes. My girlfriend had a birthday this past week, so we went out to celebrate over a "few" drinks on Friday. I had not been out in a while so i wanted to look as good as i felt. Also, i wanted to make a statement without being provocative so i opted for the color red which translate rouge in French. Rouge. Rouge. Rouge. Red turns an alright look into a hawt look! My main piece was my black and cream Houndstooth coat with a touch of red in the detail. I paired it up with my favorite pair of Steve Madden which are awesomely red. It has a gold based bow on the first strap which i loved. As you all know, i have an "I" shape so i added a red belt to give myself an hour glass shape. It is all in the illusion ladies so fake it till you make it, who cares! lol The cream purse complimented the look perfectly so i threw it on. This coat could be style differently; add a neutral belt with some white pants to achieve an "Olivia Pope" look. Throw it on with some black jeans, knee high boots, and black hat to a lunch out in town with the girls. This piece could be dressed up or down but no matter what ladies, you will be serving! Because i am very daring, i wore a tank top and some spanx underneath. Ladies, don't do this unless you are comfortable with your ability walk in heels and staying alert at ALL times! I am neither but i am free spirited when it comes to my outfit choices lol. I painted the town red last night in this beautiful garment, any thoughts or suggestions.

So enjoy and remember, don't be afraid to try new things. The sky is the limit when it comes to fashion but i always shoot for the stars and maybe a few planets:) 

I will be styling sweaters and coats as requested by you guys. Thank you for reading!

Houndstooth Coat- Thrifted ladies! Right?!

Shoes- Steve Madden

Belt- H&M

Earrings- Forever 21

Purse- H&M

Hour glass shape- Illusion:)

Xoxo Kris

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

"Full-Time Fashion Blogger"

Hi guys! Guess what?! It's the first day of October! So how are you feeling today? It's a new month, filled with new opportunities, new challenges and new chances to make history. Smile because God has blessed you with a new month:) I felt very gloomy this morning because of the many things happening in my life but when I got out of bed and glanced at my "already picked out outfit"I instantly got excited. For these reasons:
1. I am styling my first gift as a fashion blogger. 
2. The gift is a "Full Time Fashion Blogger" jumper. 
3. How does it get any better with those two components? It doesn't. It is a catch 22.

I had so much fun playing with different pieces; figuring out which ones worked the best and so I decided on these pieces. I paired up a high waisted blue skirt with the "Fulltime Fashion Blogger" jumper. I added the pink heels and clutch to match the soft pink in the jumper. Also, i threw on the leather jacket just to give the look an edge. I'm obsessed with jackets over the shoulder lol I never wear It any other way, even in the freezing winter. Kim Kardashian taught me. My necklace complimented the skirt nicely with the touch of blue in it, so i couldn't resist. I wore this look at Uni today guys so believe me when i tell you i changed into blue chucks for comfort. Remember i told you guys when it came to shoes, comfort was the only language i spoke.
Guys, don't be afraid to try different things. Mix and match! Find out what works for you but never be afraid to pair "weird" things together. There is no such thing as weird. Weird is the new cool. Express yourself by letting your choices in clothes, lipstick, book bag speak for you. 

That's my secret. Viva la vida

Leather Jacket-Forever21

Jumper- Asos


Skirt-can't remember guys lol

Necklace-Some store in France

Rings- Foever21

Smile-Priceless, try it!

Xoxo Christane

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