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This morning i watched the sun rise from the amazing view that my room had to offer. I stared for hours and hours, in complete disbelief that I woke up at this resort where the sea was part of my view. I am also very very sad because i have worked so hard to be a good person but it seems i can’t achieve that. I have hurt so many people while growing and i keep hoping they can forgive me. Or at least, God will grant me the peace that i don’t deserve. Who knew that one could be in Thailand having the experience of a life time but still be as sad as a person sleeping on the street with no food. It is true what they say, you can’t find happiness and peace in the things of the world. It is found in maintaining those healthy relationships that keeps you grounded at all times. Ok enough! I’m going to dust this off and head off to breakfast and explore the resort while i’m at.

Breakfast was amazing! It was so delicious i thought about sticking some croissants in my purse. It was absolutely fantastic, i’m at a resort what do i expect?! As i have noticed resorts are couples and family oriented as i am the only person here by myself. To be quiet honest, it doesn’t bother me because i’m just happy to enjoy my hard earned efforts. I walk around the resort for about 15 minutes as i realized the place was massive and gorgeous. Two infinities pools at the edge of the property with the main pool right in the middle. Absolutely breathtaking. I really like this resort. The Spa was ridiculously expensive so you have to know i wasn’t going in there even though i love massages. About 2500 baht for two hours whereas in Bangkok it was 300baht an hour. I believe the ridiculousness of these prices comes from the convenience of staying at the resort. The prices were thrice as high for the same items anywhere else. The taxi to Phuket International airport is 1200 baht but on your own; meaning catching two buses which i really don't know how to would cost me altogether 135 baht. Massive difference mate. Today i really just want to head straight to the airport without the hassle so i will do that. Convenience, comfort, and relaxation cost money. 

I enjoyed hanging by the pool a few hours before i headed out into the town. I was suppose to meet my new friend from LA in Patong but because we misinterpreted information i headed to the wrong location. I walked around Karon and Kata for hours just taking in everything that it had to offer. I met a lovely russian met who spoke no English whatsoever but enough to flirt with me and tell me he was married. Lol I loved it! Thailand is a touristic driven country, so a lot of places are saturated by travelers. If I did not know any better i would say Karon beach board walk looks a lot like the one in Miami. They even have Palm trees! lol I am curious as to what inspired such a setting...

Today was a much rougher day; emotionally because i get so lost in my heart sometimes. I watched a pregnant woman work from the poolside with her husband next to her and i was envious. But when i was in the streets of Bangkok with my backpacker friends, i very much so felt like one of them. I’m so torn as to what direction my life will take but i like a little bit of both.  I like the serenity and stability of a well thought out life, but deep down inside i want to go with the wind. I wouldn’t mind knowing what the future held. This is why i plan this trip in a way where i put myself in multiple shoes. The high end lifestyle and the low end lifestyle. Hostels are low as 600 bahts/night and Resorts are low as 6000bahts/night. 

Was it worth it? Absolutely! but i know i couldn’t live like this but i also knew i couldn’t live the hostel lifestyle for a long time. Guys i am so afraid of what the future holds…... 
There is so much more i wanted to see in Thailand; the Tiger Kingdom, Big Buddha, Chiang Mia where it is more cultural and quiet, Pattaya, etc. I didn’t get the chance because i was only here for 6 days. There is only so much i can do!, I tell you what..this was a test run so i’ll be back and for sure i'll be ready! Thailand had blessed me in so many ways, opened up my eyes to the personal gifts God has bestowed upon me. The riches of the many cultures, the beauties of the earth, true kindness from human beings, and endless boiled rice supply. So as i sat here and wrote my last post in Thailand, gazing at the sea. I was most importantly thankful because 22 might have had some failures, but it was the most monumental year of my life. 

I would miss you! Thank you for having me. 



I barely got any sleep as i tossed and turned all night. My bed had been twice as large as the one in BK, so maybe i wasn’t used to all that space around or was i just lonely..I missed my new friends.

I had a long day in-front of me and no clue as to how i would face it. I woke up at 6 a.m to go for a walk and ask around town where i could catch a public bus to Kata and Karon Beach. I had to be at the Peach Hill Resort at 8 a.m. becauseI booked a Phi Phi Island tour for the day and that was the closest to the resort i would be staying at next since they couldn’t pick me up from my actual hostel or the Mandarava Resort(where i was spending the next two nights) Catching a taxi cost entirely too much; 600 bahts to be precise and the local bus 35 bahts. lol you do the math. I didn’t have a cellphone to contact the tour guide in regards to my late arrival and to top it off i didn’t know where i was going. A woman spoke some English on the bus so she called the company for me. Another man paid for my ride fare see as though i was too discombobulated with no exact change. I caught sight of the resort on a sign by accident and flew to it. As it turns out when I arrived my bus driver had just left, and I missed them by a few seconds but they were able to come back and pick me up. I was carrying all my luggage with me which was unusual but i didn’t have a choice. A girl has got to do what a girl has got to do, so i did what i had to do. It was such a long stressful morning, i mean i paid insane amount of money for a tok tok to take me up to Peach Hill Resort, two minutes away for 200 bahts! I don’t know what i would’ve done have i had missed this tour because it was the highlight of my stay in Phuket. 

The Island tour by the Tour East Thailand LTD was the most important activity i engaged in today so here’s to Phi Phi Island through my lens. 

P.S I met a lovely woman by the name of Donyet, a professor in Los Angeles. Such a lovely person and i am excited about our upcoming friendship! We will like to visit Patong road tomorrow, view as though it is the busiest street at night. Today was a lovely day, if you can’t tell by the pictures.  So i wondered what did Day 6 hold?

Last detail, i have officially checked into the Mandarava Resort and Spa!



Important side note: What i am learning on this trip is the power of research. Knowledge is power, the kind of power that saves you money. So before you engage on anything you set out to do please do as much research as possible, because i am learning after a few days that i did not do the proper research.

Today I am leaving for Phuket which is South of Thailand. During my stay there i plan on visiting Old Town Phuket, Phi Phi Island and stay at a resort in Karon Beach. I want to say i’m excited to board my flight in about 15 minutes but i had such a rough morning.  I had arranged to get picked up by a taxi to the airport for a cheaper price of 130 baht whereas i paid 700baht when arriving because the driver clearly played me.  I accidentally told my driver off because i couldn’t understand a thing he was saying. The hassle of dragging my suitcase around with the hope that it wasn’t my mistake and missing my flight left me quite nauseous. As it turns out i had to pay 400 baht for my little misdemeanor. Still better that 700 baht right? I can’t begin to tell you how much i got ripped off over the past few days lol I’m just going to laugh because i don’t want to cry. 

I booked a night at the Classic Rommanee Hostel in Old town Phuket because i want to explore the ancient city as much as i can when i arrive. I have heard good things about that hostel, it is considered “top de chez top” lol one of the best in the game. It costs 1500 baht a night compared to 1380baht for three nights at the Suneta Khaosan Hostel. Who is excited? i got a window seat so i can give you an overview of the island:) And for those of you wandering from the scale of 1-10 how awful is traveling alone. There is no such thing for this is the best decision i have ever made after making the decision to travel. Once again i am the only black solo person at this airport terminal, what does that even mean? can someone explain to me why US African Americans don’t find this interesting? I get so many stares of confusion but somewhat it completely boosts my ego. Yes i’m different just like you..jerk. 

I landed and caught a mini community bus from the airport into the town which cost me 100baht. The bus wasn’t just waiting outside for everyone to see, it was a relatively cheap one so you needed to have known it’s location. I always loved my window seats as i was the last one rushing to it to catch it, but the privilege was all mine. I gazed into the wilderness while having flash backs about Bangkok. Phuket was nothing like Bangkok. It was covered with the stinch of fresh forest paysage. It seemed as though we were headed up into the mountain pasture, and i was giddy inside. Phuket seemed more developed compared to BK. The roads were cleaner and the street vendors weren’t present. Old town reminded me of Puerto Rico with the ancientness of the houses and the colorblock patterns. As it turns out the architecture was Portuguese and Chinese, which till today still operates as traditional textiles, gold and printing businesses  It was extremely quiet compared to BK. I figured Bangkok was for a different age group because there is no way a 22 year old like me could enjoy this place, but i did. The shops and restaurants were more modern, as it catered to urbanized culture. I was craving a burger so bad mate, but i didn’t feel comfortable trusting them to make that. That is not your specialty so it would taste mediocre lol Cost of living was relatively cheaper in Old Town Phuket; A Chang (beer) cost 70 baht here whereas in BK it was 120baht.  Lots of antique shops and recycled gallery; old town was very art driven. Everyone was so kind and welcoming in Thailand, i never for a second felt the guilt of being alone because the local folks always engaged with me. No matter the fact that we barely understood each other but they patiently tried to give me direction. I walked everywhere to augment my interaction with the culture. I thought i had loved France, scratch that because Thailand has won me over in many different ways.. 

Around 12 a.m i went for walk and chatted with a few locals. As i struggled to get my questions across, they shared with me that the massive night life was in Patong. Another city in the state of Phuket. I sure wish i had had more time in Old town because there was so much beauty within the city; from the art galleries to the corky museums but today was my only day. Phuket Old Town gives you a glimpse of what life was like on the islands 100 years ago when the chinese and Europeans arrived and started mining for Tin.  It is happening all so fast that i can’t indulge in the delightfulness that the city has to offer.  I somewhat have to rush through it because one i am traveling alone, so i need to know exactly what i am doing. That hasn’t been the case because i am learning as i go but i won’t complain. This is such a growth enhancing experience because it causes you to think on your feet, and teaches you how to budget lol. I wasted approximately 3000 baht in BK because i didn’t dedicate more time to research or paying close attention to my surroundings. That was majorly important guys so i am stressing that a lot! P.s there is a a lizard right outside my window as we speak! How cool is that?! I haven’t seen one since i left Cameroon 9 years ago. This is part of the reason why i love it here, the rawness reminds me of my childhood.

It is day 4, and so many thing are running through my head, what would it be like to backpack for a few months across Europe? What is the highlight of this year as it is coming to an end? What is my life going to be like because it seems it can go several ways? I am more confused that ever but one thing is for sure. God is the main one to thank because he has blessed me with the tremendous opportunity to ask myself these questions in the South of Thailand at 3:11am. Tomorrow i have a tour of Phi Phi Island and i am super anxious about that. Everything did slow down in Phuket but i was ready to dig deep within me to find some answers to my questions, so i wandered…What did day five hold?


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