Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Officially 7 months since my travel journeys began! Here is to the 8 things I've learnt, while at sea. lol


Thursday, March 17, 2016

BLVCK to the basics

Hey! *waves* How is going? In my Zoe Kravitz voice of course. Ahhhhhhh, I have been itching to put together an "All BLVCK" lewk for you guys, so here we are:) Peops i am obsessed with the color black because it exudes confidence, it screams classy and of course my favorite, femme fatale. Here i paired a black thrifted blazer with my staple trousers and a classic clutch to create the "double take" effect. *giggles mischievously"

P.s All under $75 because i have learn to maximize my staples. Guys i want to encourage you to play around in your closet and find what accentuates your curves, your skin tone or even your inner beauty.

Share with me, what is your favorite color to wear?

Blazer - Lord&Taylor | Thrifted

Cross body bag - Thrift shop

Shoes - Gojane

Choker - Nastygal

Xoxo Kris


Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Traveling isn't just about using a form of transportation to a specific location for relaxation purposes. It is much deeper than that. Traveling is also about exploring a culture, creating memories, leaving footprints or chances are walking in other people's shoes.Today i want to share with you 5 hidden treasures of the worlds, these places have so much richness waiting to pour into any souls that is curious enough to graces those magical lands. 

Here is to my bucklist, and beautiful gems of the earth.

5. Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Located at the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina, this breath taking National Park is famous for it's lakes arranged in cascades. The lakes are renowned for their distinctive colors, ranging from azure to green, grey or blue. Make your way to Croatie, because this is a must see!

4. The Door to Hell, Turkmenistan

If you ever wandered what hell would look like, well here is your chance. The Door to Hell is a natural gas field in Derweze, Turkmenistan, that collapsed into an underground cavern in 1971, becoming a natural gas crater and a cool spot for a hot date. Literally!

3. Glaciers of Svalbard, Norway

An archipelago located between Norway and the North Pole, one of the most beautiful location in the world. The arctic cold formed a unique flora and fauna with humongous glaciers and crystal waterfalls. If you are one who enjoy cold temperatures, this visit will change your life.  

2. Selous Game Reserve, Southern Tanzania

Get captivated by the wild life at The Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania. The Selous Reserve stretches for over 45,000 square kilometres.This is Africa’s largest game reserve, but yet visited by few. Meandering through the plains and woodlands, the largest buffalo and lion populations, numerous leopard and thriving packs of wild dog are found at this reserve. 

1. Namaqualand Flower Route, b|w Namibia & South Africa

The Namaqualand Flower Route lies roughly 5 hours north of Cape Town, South Africa. Don't hold your breath because this is real. Also, included in the wild flower route are the Richtersveld National Park, Goegap Nature Reserve, and Skilpad Wild Flower Reserve. This is an absolute favorite of mine and top of my bucket list. If you like nature and love mind boggling views, there you have it.

I hope this enlightened you on a few wonders of this earth, because without any doubts there are many more!

P.s expand your travel list and start exploring!

Xoxo Kris

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Hi guys! How is everyone doing? This winter has been a ruthless one; from the low temperatures to the unbearable snow storms. 'Serving' hasn't been on the menu for me because my definition of staying warm has nothing to do with dressing cute lol I know someone is with me on this one. My lovely friend Denise took me out for Valentine's day, so i ceased this occasion to spice up my life a little bit. Lord know i had been lacking! With this look, I was going for sophistication with smidgen of chic. 

P.s I froze my butt off! but it was all for a good cause right?  I had a cream fur coat to make sure i don't end up in an emergency room lol

Fur Stole - Thrifted

Clutch - Thrifted

Crop top - Zara

Culottes- Zara

Pumps- Asos

Xx Kris


Friday, January 29, 2016


Good morning peops! January is almost ending, so how are we on those new year resolutions?  I decided to share a step by step run down of how i accomplish my traveling goals. Traveling is the only thing that comes easy in my life because everything is literally a struggle lol. It is safe to say i have learned the ins and outs of traveling on a budget so i could not help! Grab a journal and a pen.

Step One: Get a travel journal. All that is really is an entry book for all travel related ideas, thoughts, scribbles, countries, cities, islands, dream vacations...ANYTHING related to traveling. Write it all down! It all matters! Even in the middle of the night if you have an idea, wake up and document it in your travel journal because it all begins with a dream.

Step Two: The internet is your friend people, do some research! Please do some research on where you want to go and why you want to go there. Find out all you can possible find out about this country or island you want to visit. What is it that you need to know that you don't know? It is not enough to say "I just want to lay somewhere on the beach on Fiji" NOOO! There is more to it than just the beach, do research because you are curious and passionate.

Step Three: By now you must have figured out why you would like to go there and decided you want to go there. Do some more research guys, Google search engine is your friend. What are the best seasons to travel to this location? This is important because it not only informs you about the beauties of the culture, but the peak seasons. Peak season is defined as the time when you will be spending the most money for no reason, simply because it is a tourist filled season. You DON’T want to travel during these periods peops. Remember we are trying to spend less and do the most for our money.

Step Four: This is one of my favorite because i am very competitive with myself. SET A BUDGET. Everything you do will rotate around that budget depending on how many countries you want to visit. Every expense including flight tickets should be included in that set amount guys. This is why research is at the top of your list. You have already looked at numbers and estimates. Me for example, i am visiting two cities for 10 days, i will have a budget of $1000 with everything included depending on the location. I know that i will pay more for a flight going to Asia and less for housing and food. I also know that i will pay less for a flight to Europe but more for housing and food. Play around with the days, layovers, locations. This is step four so you have to set somewhat of a budget because you should know what part of the world you want to visit by now.

Step Five: Play around those peak seasons and see what works for you; for example if you go to most European countries during the summer the plane tickets are no short of $1200. Now it’s a different ball game during winter or spring seasons. Tickets could be as cheap as $400. Look into these kinds of things. It is cheaper to fly out on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday while the expensive days are Friday and Sundays. Look at the peak hours as well; its cheaper to fly at dawn or overnight. These criteria should affect your decision making if you want to travel on a budget.

Step Six: To get the most out of your trip at once, always look into multi city flights. This means layovers that could last two days or so. Not only to do you get a chance to experience a different city altogether, it is cheaper than booking a direct flight with a return date. I strongly encourage you to look into that as an option. What country tickles your fancy? it might be even cheaper to fly to a destination first before catching another flight to your intended destination. Last November I had a day layover in Turkey, so I spent it in Istanbul. While in Malaysia, i met a couple who had a day layover in Malaysia coming from China i believe and they spent it in Kuala Lumpar. That is one off your bucket list. Do some research, and make sure you are noting down in your journal every single thing. I will never advice you to get a direct flight if you want to travel on a budget and live the ultimate adventure. Nope.

Step Seven: By now you should have a road map of where exactly you want to go, what you can afford or willing to spend and the itineraries. You should have more than one option, this is like a game! Have fun with this because it is atleast 8 or less months of planning. You want to book many months in advance to actually plan the day to day activities and allow yourself to come up with the funds or cancel or come up with newer ideas. Also booking in advanced are usually much cheaper. You still need patience because you are slowly observing and comparing sites for better deals.

Here are my favorite websites for flights, housing, and adventure activities. I have all these apps on my phone peops. I live on them even when i’m not planning to travel but i am also very spontaneous hence i’m accidentally going to Iceland and England in April:)

Skyscanner shows you the cheapest countries to go to, the cheapest month to travel in and the cheapest day to go on and come back from with multi city layovers. This is where i booked my flight to Iceland and England.


Kayak allows you to compare prices with many other booking sites all at the same time. It also has that option to click on “Multi-City” Take it! I booked my last flight to Thailand and Malaysia on there.


The name should tell you something right? Get on there peops. I have never personally used this one because i’m hooked on Skyscanner but my travel agent loves it.


Creme de la creme! I only stay at hostels because I love sharing rooms with strangers and it  cost about $20 or less a night. Also if you like to traveling alone, hostels are for loner who really aren’t alone.  Read all the reviews and make sure you are comfortable with your hostel booking.


Airbnb is also one of my favorite because you can go from renting a luxurious place to sleeping on someone’s couch for a few bucks. The option is all yours. With Airbnb you can even rent a tree house peops, how cool is that? Look into whatever fits your style or your personality.


Couch surfing is like Facebook but for travelers. Here you can ask someone to host you or hang out with you, show you around the city wherever you are traveling to. You also have the possibility of hosting a traveler depending on how comfortable you are.  CouchSurfing is a good option if you are looking for free housing and a great experience. Also, if you are a skeptical person go with hostels or airbnb.


Booking serves various purposes; from booking hotels to booking adventure activities to booking flights. I don’t believe you get great deals on any of these options because they don't have discounts. The only thing i recommend to book on here are activities because they are a guaranteed amaze ball.

These sites need to become your bff travel. Heck your travel kit! You should have booked by now! Now you start the intricate planning with your budget objectives in mind. May the odds be in your favor

"Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving." Terry Pratchett

Xoxo Kris

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


"Without growth, and without a deliberate effort to help others, we are simply slaves to cultural expectations, ensnared by the trappings of money and power and status and perceived success"- 

Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus

"Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything."George Bernard Shaw

How do i google a resolution? Simply a firm decision to do or not to do something. Well in 2015, i did take "firm decisions" to do somethings that would somewhat help me grow in the path that i wanted to take career wise. Those "things" could then be classified as goals right? At least i think so. A goal would then be the outcome of of taking a firm decision to do or not to do somethings. Resolutions and goals work fraternal twins because you have to make a decision first and then you have to accomplish it.  I hate BOTH! 

I hate both because by the end of the first trimester  of a year, i could never tell you what resolution i even took to begin with. This happens because i never have a game plan, and so i could never accomplish most of my goals. In 2015 i set out to redecorate my room to a neutral white and gray vibe, but i want you to know it didn't happen. I have a hard time just sweeping the darn floor, let alone decorate? so you know that wasn't happening. See, i never got to the root of the problem. Is not that i didn't want to redecorate my room, i just lack the motivation and drive to do it. The thought of just painting a tile completely drained me, so i put it off. I put it off till i just now realized that it is 2016, and i have a pink wall in my room. So much for Resolutions and Goals.....so absolutely not!

I realized through out 2015 that the reason why i didn't have victories over my goals were because i have a few problems within ME. These problems have prevented me to accomplish things that i truly wanted from my heart. In 2016, I do not have any physical accomplishments on the menu. Just internal growth. In order to achieve this external "growth", i need major internal growth.  

 First! I want us to identified what these key points are and then draw a plan of action on how we can move forward with actually accomplishing achievable goals. I encourage you to do this exercise with me guys. Get out a blank piece of paper and write whatever that may come to mind.

 I suffer from an extreme lack of personal motivation. I remember when i first started my YouTube Channel. I was very enthusiastic to film every Wednesday and release videos the following Sunday. One day i woke up and all that motivation was gone. I lost track of what the end goal was and why i was doing it. That happens with everything that i do! I simply lack motivation to continue anything i start or I'm i just a lazy person? This year i want to TRY out something new called, "CONSISTENCY" I'm taking it for test run just to make sure i truly don't like it. I want to learn how to do things because i love them, not what the world expects of me.

 my fears have hindered me from putting forward any effort in anything in "fear" of failure. I live comfortably knowing that if i don't try then i don't have to fail and be miserable for the rest of my life. 2015 was consumed with fear of putting my foot forward. I want to feel the fear and do it anyways. I will recommend that you read the book "Feel The Fear and Do It Anyways" by Susan because it has help me man up the reality of trying and failing is better than never trying and not knowing what could've been. What if i had painted my room and didn't like it. Big deal, now i know white and gray aren't my favorite colors anymore. Move on to burnt orange

People, i cannot stress it enough. Everything that happens in our lives is not because we have control over it, it is because God had a plan before our parents knew they were going to get married and conceive our older brothers before us. You get the drift, i want to learn how to let go and let God. My fear of failures hinders me into putting my trust in him and allowing him to do what he promised to do. I know that he has plans for my life right? granted i have to work hard in everything i do but i only achieve greater purpose if i do what i put on this earth to do by HIM. So why do i worried so much and think human beings are in control of my destiny? I want to learn to truly trust and put my faith in him so that everything i do either with a positive or negative outcome, i don't have to be fearful because he has a plan.

Over the years i developed this nasty attitude where i flip out un-controllably and say awful things when being confronted with an argument. It has gotten worst in 2015, and i know such attitude won't take me far in any relationship, workplace or in life. My mom has been really trying to get to me about it and towards the end of the year, i realized it was becoming a big hinderance in my life. I want to deal with this from the root; figure out what triggers such a reaction out of me and get rid of it altogether. It is not going to be easy but this year i want to work on my internal growth and being a nice person is a major key to my success

This is the most important step in my internal growth process guys. I want to learn how to genuinely treat others with the up-most respect because that is exactly how i want to be treated. I want to teach myself to love myself no matter the disappointments in my life. I want to learn how to LOVE God like i love my parents, because he is the one that truly remains with me. He is by my side, in-front of me, hovers over me at night and never leaves me. 

This year i realized that if i can work all the internal problems that are eating me up, i can clear a path for external growth and reach my actual goals after i set them! I didn't fail this pass year and you didn't either. If you can learn from your mistakes and learn from life lessons, then you are surely better than you were yesterday. I want to encourage you to look at what is hindering you from accomplishing physical goals. Tackle those issues first and see how transformed your life will be. For those who don't have any internal hinderance. Make sure you
-set goals, 
-make a plan 
-get to work
stick to it
-reach your goal


Have a wonderful God filled year!  I pray that all your goals are accomplished and you have a fulfilling year. 

"Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything." George Bernard Shaw



Monday, January 4, 2016


Day 9

I struggled with waking up today! I wanted to dive into the swimming pool one last time but my body wouldn’t cooperate. All the sleepless nights and early morning were finally catching up to me. Today was my last day in KL and i wanted to just teleport back to the U.S. For the past week i had been rushing from one city to another with the fear of missing my flight or not making it to a specific activity. I was exhausted and my lower body was giving out on me. I never made it to the pool but i checked out just in time. My flight was at midnight so i had a whole day to make it count. I rushed to the monorail(train station) to catch a train to Kuala Lumpar Sentral for lunch. 

Nothing ever seized to amazed in Malaysia anymore, as the stares tripled over the last few days. I was so curious as to what exactly it was that people thought when they stared fiercely into my face…Is it that my complexion was fair? That couldn’t be possible because i was as chocolate as it came. So what was that look of prejudice i received everytime i stepped out of my hotel room? I had lunch at one and only favorite food place; a Japanese restaurant. Let me clear the air in case you all were wandering; I didn’t like the food here at all so to find a place where i could manage to swallow a bite and enjoy it was God sent. The food at this restaurant was incredibly delicious.  They served rice with chicken, a bowl of soup, and hot green tea. I went there 3 or 4 times a day to say the least. 

After lunch i caught a bus to the Central Market which was like a flee market with different vendors stationed all around. It was a 2 minute drive from the KL Sentral. I was like a walking corpse, i barely took a look around before i fell asleep on a cafe table somewhere in the market. Central Market reminded me of the street markets in Bangkok. Nothing special other than the nature of the merchandize. Visiting Central Market was one of the activities i had to cross off my list because it was on the top 10 things to do in KL but i didn’t fancy it. 

A lovely man who was about 68 years old woke me up to ask me if i was African or even Nigerian.  I often got asked that but why Nigeria i ask him? he said well if i was african then he wouldn’t speak to me because Africans are looked down upon in Malaysia. He then proceeded to inform me of the fact that he had never spoke to a “black” person before up until now.  He went on to ask me my age and got all psychic on me. According to him Ruby was to be my stone of choice and 4 was my lucky number. I shouldn’t get married first, but most importantly i have a hard time being satisfied by men. LOL I also liked to control men in bed and vice-versa. He assured me that was he not in a fasting period he would help me with an orgasm. I said "Excuse me?" he laughed it off and asked me if i like bigger or smaller penises because us “black” women tend to like them big. Then i laughed because i couldn’t believe i was having this conversation with a grown stranger.  He then proceeded to asking me if i had been with a white man, and what was the difference in centimeters? Lol i laughed and said, rather smaller but both black or white sucked. He continued by asking, "what do you like them to do?" I said i actually don’t know but i must leave right now as i dash off. He yelled his name and asked me to contact him if i ever wanted to feel good in places i didn’t even know existed to begin with.

That conversation woke me up for sure! That is one of the main reasons i enjoyed traveling; having indescribable conversations with strangers. I mean can you imagine anything more interesting that talking to people about things that you usually never talk about? Sex was an odd subject for me but he was able to cross that bridge in less than 15 minutes. That was the high light of my day. I knew i was going to miss this place. The memories had been embedded in my subconscious as i would crave the same freedom my spirit had acquired once i went back to the U.S. I walk back to the subway with pride because i now possessed something that no one could ever take from me; and that is true love. 

In two days i had learn to catch the subway across the city and i couldn’t be more proud. It was sad that as i became part of the people, i was leaving the people. I rode the train one last time as i stared at the architect in KL. God’s creation and creativity was amazing. This was home away from home minus the food. I was longing for something; that is what motivated this trip. I knew that there had to be another way of life more satisfying that the one i was living but i didn’t know what it entailed. South East Asia had taken my breath away and somewhat restored a piece of my missing soul. 

Here i was heading to the airport on an underground train because my journey was over. Met a South African and Canadian couple who were heading back to Canada but had a day layover in Malaysia and decided to go out into the city. They went on and on about how awesome Sri Lanka was as they had just came from there. I went on and on about how awesome Thailand was as i had just come from there. We had a few things in common; we loved traveling, we were just in KL, we were headed to the airport to go home but most importantly we had a freedom about our spirits.

I knew i had changes to make when i got back to the US, but the first step had been completed. So i wandered, What did day 10 hold?  as i would spend it in Istanbul, Turkey.
Skybox by day

Batu Caves

Bird Park

Botanical Garden

At the Japanese Restaurant


Day 8

I had gotten the habit over the past few days to open up my novel and go through a few chapters before i actually got out of bed. It was the best way to start my morning! I loved it. I headed up to the swimming pool to “swim” for a few hours because i found it relaxing. By swimming i mean standing in water. A girl can’t swim but the view from the swimming pool was magnificent. It was facing the pertronas twin towers. I truly wanted to lay there all day, but that’s not how sweet life is right?

I had no itinerary as to where i was going today but i showered, gathered my stuff and just headed out. I knew nothing of how the bus or train system worked but one thing was for sure i wasn’t paying RM35 for a 5 minute drive. I asked around and with clear direction i found the train to Kuala Lumpar Sentral for RM2. Do the math! On the train i met a group of Korean travelers headed to the famous Batu Caves, and luckily they allowed me to tag along. The train ride was well worth it because the architecture of the city was just…..exquisite. Malaysia’s metro system is well advanced people, you would be surprised. So intricate but yet so precise.

An hour later, we arrived at The Batu Caves and boy was i blown away. I noticed a lot of Hinduism in the culture, with the shrines and the vendors. I was quite surprise because i thought this was a muslim driven nation. It was very interesting but i had come to the conclusion that this is the part of the culture i wouldn’t be able to adjust to. I cringed at the thought of it all but i will speak no further.   A few hours later we headed back to KL Sentral where we had lunch and split ways. I had decided to visit the KL Bird Park and the Botanical garden. Once again, i didn’t know how to get there but asked and it shall be given on to you. I met a bunch of German backpackers who gladly walked with me as we all searched for the place. We walked for about 45 minutes aimlessly and finally found the KL Bird Park. This is one of the biggest flee park in the world. 

Hours later, i made my way out the park with blisters on my toes. I was completed exhausted but my goal was to visit three places today. I searched aimlessly for the Botanical Lake garden; one of the biggest parks in South East Asia. Asked around a few times and finally found it. Please believe me when i tell you i was too tired to indulge in the beauty of the spacious garden. I sat down and stared and prayed i didn’t fall asleep and get my stuff stolen and move to Malaysia to become a baker. We don’t want me to bake. I suck. 6 hours later i made my way back to the hotel while getting lost a couple of times. I can gladly say getting lost in a foreign city isn’t so bad because it helps you discover unknown places. I loved it! Tonight they had a water show in-front of the twin towers; it attracted over 200 people including many travelers. I smiled because i couldn’t believe i had made “this” happened. No matter how many people stared at me, i brushed it off and focused on living in my moment. I watched how everyone interacted with each other, and i found it quite fascinating. Some people are welcoming while many others are skeptical if not judgmental. Nonetheless it was always pleasurable to people watch.

Tonight was my last night in KL, so i wanted to go out with a bang! I showered and made myself look presentable because i had completely ran out of clean clothes. I made my way up to the famous Skybar; high end lounges in major cities around the world. I wanted to go to the one in Bangkok but i didn’t get a chance remember? Luckily it was 10 floors up from room! This was the first time in my whole life that i was alone at a lounge or bar and i felt darn GOOD! i moved and danced freely to the sound of music with no worries in the world. I felt free, at peace and contempt. I thought to myself, The Petronas Twin Towers are staring right at me as we speak. I am at Skybar in Malaysia. What a great time to be alive? Yes that was it. "WHAT A GREAT TIME TO BE ALIVE" was the title of my trip. This past year i had felt worth less, useless, unaccomplished, incompetent and a failure but tonight it rung in my ears “What a Great Time to Be Alive"

Few hours later, as my head hit the sheets. I knew i was actually happy, but i wandered…what did day 9 hold?


Day 7

I woke up earlier today to pack because a taxi was picking me and taking me to Phuket International Airport at 10:30 am. I took a long bath with lipton tea and InStyle magazine by my side just to help relax my nerve. I miserably needed a massage because i was inconsiderably drained. I headed to breakfast one last time. I don’t know what i was more sad about; that delicious breakfast i was leaving behind, the sweet sound of the waves every morning, the bird chirping every morning or Bangkok even…I loved Thailand.  7 days is all it took for me to fall in-love with somewhere who I knew for sure wouldn't disappoint me. I drove to the airport in sadness; drifting in and out of sleep but trying my hardest not to miss my last views of the island. 

I made it to the airport a little late so it was a lot of hassle to check my bags in as they intended to charge me an arm and two legs for it. Almost missed my flight because i forgot to fill out the departure slip..talk about stress people. My eyeballs were sweating, but the devil is a lie. I made it on the AirAsia flight to Malaysia and 1hr50mins later we landed. The view were amazing as the pictures can testify to it. 

So many more people stared here. It was as if i was an alien, i mean EVERYONE stared in an unwelcoming manner. I didn’t like the feeling i was getting in my stomach. My hotel was an hour away and my driver never once spoke to me. What was it with Malaysians and Black people? I focused on the scenery the drive gladly offered. Ahh, it was short of amazing! It looked like plantations on both sides of the highway. It was covered green and majestic. The beauty eased the knot in my stomach because somehow i felt unwelcome in May May but as we pulled into the city, the architecture made my mouth drop. Skyscraper buildings were everywhere including my hotel. I was staying at The Traders Hotels for two nights, and luckily behind it were the Petronas twin towers. 

I was so exhausted but the sun was setting, and the view from my room was freaking amaze ball. The accommodation was awesome but nothing like the Mandarava; heck they didn’t even offer breakfast as i paid more per night here. Skybar, one of the most famous bars located in every major city in the world was located 10 floors above me so that was cool. I didn’t get a chance to visit Bangkoks’ so you know i was excited. 
P.s the taxi here is more cheaper than Thailand because the the taxi charged by meters whereas in Thai it is a crazy fix amount based on "traveling appearance" I paid 94 ringit for an hour drive to my hotel.  A lot cheaper.

I dropped my bags and snapped a few shots of the room and the view. I showered and crawled into bed with my “Dark Bites” a novel by Sherrilyn KenYon. I ran through a short stories and decided i must go out! I didn’t want to but i had to given the fact that i only had 57 hours in this city. All my clothes were dirty people except my swimming suits. I considered going out in one, but then i remembered the unfriendly stares i got and the fact that Malaysia is an islamic nation. I dare not. It was raining when i finally made my way to the Petronas Towers. Everything and more in person! Gorgeous. I met Sam, a middle eastern man who was kind enough to speak to me. We ended up grabbing dinner (which was absolutely tasteless btw) and showed me around some more. one thing for sure is i hated foreign food. More than likely i never liked anything new i ate. Tonight i had chicken Carbonara, i'm pretty sure that there was a rat in there with no salt. I might have lost weight while here because i eat a lot less. I have fallen in love with a lot of things about this continent, but food wasn't one of them. On a positive note I really enjoyed Sam's accent and his company because everything he said was hilarious lol. He walked me back to my hotel and we arranged to meet tomorrow. 

You know what though, in every city i have been lucky enough to meet awesome strangers who i will soon become friends with. Remember how i said there was something about Black people and Malaysians that was out of place right? Well i expressed my concerns to Sam about that strangeness. He was kind enough to inform me that Africans, Nigerians to be particular have a bad reputation here. They run the deepest prostitution business on the Asian Coast and mostly involve in the “black market” his words. They seem to set up sexual encounters where they rape their victims and steal their information for an even worst extortion.  A cop came up to him to ask him if he was okay, lol i am african so i probably looked Nigerian. It seems “WE" Africans have left a sour taste in their mouth here and hence caused all the unwelcoming stares i have been receiving. I was in so much shock when he explained this to me but i understood better. I even saw a couple of Nigerian women dressed the part lol. I do pray for a better future on our behalf because every person should feel safe visiting Malaysia without being prejudiced by such stigma.  Sam worked for a travel agency and he had been all around these parts of the continent; Indonesia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Bali, China, India, Dubai, Qatar, etc. One thing for sure based on our good vibes, we would stay in contact and maybe reconnect in Bali. He loved it there and my curiosity was now peaked.

I wanted to go to Skybar but given the fact that i had no decent clothes and i looked crazy from fatigue, i regressed. I snuck back into my bed and devoured a couple more pages and less than 20 minutes later, i drifted in oblivion. I couldn’t be more tired and happy to have made it to Malaysia, but i wandered…What did day eight hold?

Carbonara with the rat!

The Petronas Twin Towers

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