Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Officially 7 months since my travel journeys began! Here is to the 8 things I've learnt, while at sea. lol

"I Will Never Be Good Enough For Anyone."
I will do this for myself. I tried pleasing people, it didn't work. I tried being myself, it wasn't good enough. I tried surpassing people's expectation, it wasn't good enough. When will it ever be good enough? NEVER. So i decided why not do what makes me happy?  They'll come along or they might not. Here is the thing, in your inability to be good enough for the world, there is someone you will leave a mark on.

Horseshoe Bend | Arizona, United States

"I Will Never Know What I Am Doing, and that is OK."
Years ago, I thought i wanted to get into fashion. I wanted to sit front row at Paris Fashion Week or become an editor at a fashion magazine. I started traveling and thought maybe i should be an inspirational traveler or just IG famous. Today, I still don't know what i want to do career wise but that is okay.  What is NOT okay is refusing to live because of lack of a plan.  Don't wait to make plans and don't be scared that you don't have plans. Life is too short.  Delight yourself in the fact that you will never know what you truly want out of life but you are enjoying every minute of it. 

Northern Lights | Reykjavik, Iceland

"I Look at The Glass as Halfway Full, Rather Than Halfway Empty."
The grass will always be greener on the other side. Looks are deceiving. Do you know that i UBER till 5.a.m to afford my plane tickets? I haven't shared this with the world but looking in from the other side I have a glamorous life.  NO.  I have learnt to work with what I have. I thought to use my car to make income instead of carrying the mindset that why does my life suck so bad that i have to Uber to travel? Change your mindset, change your life. 

Phi Phi Island | Phuket, Thailand

Beauty is in The Eye of The Beholder.
I find joy in the simply things; the color of the sky, riding a bicycle, hanging out with a loved one, attending a concert, watching a YouTube video, hanging out with a stranger etc. If it makes me happy, I go for it. No one is going to validate my hobbies or have the same appreciation for what I love.  The good news is beauty is subjective to everyone. No one has to love what you love, so celebrate your uniqueness daily.

Blue Lagoon | Reykjavik, Iceland

"I am courageous."
The person who should be the most proud of me is me. I have accomplished a lot. You have accomplished a lot. Do not underestimate your accomplishments, no one's realization is bigger than the other's.  I am courageous for traveling on my own, for ubering at 5a.m. in the morning, for completing those 7 job applications, for staying strong while I steady want to breakdown. I have learnt over the past months, i am a courageous girl and no one can take that away from me.

London Eye | London, England

"My Dreams are Valid."
You think you don't deserve the life you want or you will never be good enough to obtain a certain level of education. You are wrong, I am wrong. Darn it! I want to inspirer people to do what they love.  I want to speak empowerement unto people's lives. I want to be an inspirational traveler. I AM ONE. My dreams are valid. Who would've thought I would have traveled 8 countries by the age of 23? No one, but I have. You got this!

Blue Mosque | Istanbul, Turkey

I hear people say "I can't wait till i have enough money to do this or that."  Do you realize everytime you make extra money, you get an extra problem coming out the woodworks? just do IT. Do it and have a reason why you are actually broke. Tell your children you were too busy living. The time will never be right for you to do anything, so why not do it now?

Batu Caves | Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia

"Be Thankful." 
I are blessed and highly favored. To have money to afford my favorite sandwich? To pay my phone bill on time? My favorite thing is waking up in a new country, looking outside the window in confusion because i don't know where i am. It doesn't matter if i am sleeping on a floor or sharing a bed with a stranger. Be thankful about the smallest things because the smallest things makes a huge difference on your attitude in life. You don't have it all. You can't have it all. You won't have it all, so thank God for what little do have.

Eiffel Tower | Paris, France

I am spending two months with my beloved family in Bordeaux, France this summer.  I will never be good enough for anyone. I will never know what i am doing. My glass will never be full, but it won't be empty. We will never have the same perception of things. But i am courageous, my dreams are valid, i am doing it. So for all that, i am thankful.

Xoxo Kris

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