"Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving." -
  Terry Pratchett

Good morning peops! How are you guys doing? January is almost ending, so how are we on those new year resolutions? Make sure you check out my last post on "RESOLUTIONS? ABSOLUTELY NOT" I go into details about not needing resolutions or goals if there is work that needs to be done on the inside.It is all about inner growth. I came up with a few pointer on how to come out victorious on this year's accomplishments. Check it out, check it out, check it out. You might just learn something!Lets focus on something else today, shall we? I decided to share a step by step run down of how i accomplish my traveling goals. Traveling is the only thing that comes easy in my life because everything is literally a struggle lol. It is safe to say i have learned the ins and outs of traveling on a budget so i could not help but share it with you guys...grab a journal and a pen!

Step One Get a travel journal. All that is really is an entry book for all travel related ideas, thoughts, scribbles, countries, cities, islands, dream vacations...ANYTHING related to traveling. Write it all down! It all matters!  Even in the middle of the night if you have an idea, wake up and document it in your travel journal because it all begins with a dream.

Step Two: The internet is your friend people, do some research! Please do some research on where you want to go and why you want to go there. Find out all you can possible find out about this country or island you want to visit. What is it that you need to know that you don't know? It is not enough to say "I just want to lay somewhere on the beach on Fiji" NOOO! There is more to it than just the beach, do research because you are curious and passionate.

Step Three By now you must have figured out why you would like to go there and decided you want to go there. Do some more research guys, Google search engine is your friend. What are the best seasons to travel to this location? This is important because it not only informs you about the beauties of the culture, but the peak seasons. Peak season is defined as the time when you will be spending the most money for no reason, simply because it is a tourist filled season. You DON’T want to travel during these periods peops. Remember we are trying to spend less and do the most for our money. 

Step FourThis is one of my favorite because i am very competitive with myself.  SET A BUDGET. Everything you do will rotate around that budget depending on how many countries you want to visit. Every expense including flight tickets should be included in that set amount guys. This is why research is at the top of your list. You have already looked at numbers and estimates. Me for example, i am visiting two cities for 10 days, i will have a budget of $1000 with everything included depending on the location. I know that i will pay more for a flight going to Asia and less for housing and food. I also know that i will pay less for a flight to Europe but more for housing and food. Play around with the days, layovers, locations. This is step four so you have to set somewhat of a budget because you should know what part of the world you want to visit by now. 

Step Five: Play around those peak seasons and see what works for you; for example if you go to most European countries during the summer the plane tickets are no short of $1200. Now it’s a different ball game during winter or spring seasons. Tickets could be as cheap as $400. Look into these kinds of things. It is cheaper to fly out on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday while the expensive days are Friday and Sundays. Look at the peak hours as well; its cheaper to fly at dawn or overnight. These criteria should affect your decision making if you want to travel on a budget.

Step Six: To get the most out of your trip at once, always look into multi city flights. This means layovers that could last two days or so. Not only to do you get a chance to experience a different city altogether, it is cheaper than booking a direct flight with a return date. I strongly encourage you to look into that as an option. What country tickles your fancy? it might be even cheaper to fly to a destination first before catching another flight to your intended destination. Last November I had a day layover in Turkey, so I spent it in Istanbul. While in Malaysia, i met a couple who had a day layover in Malaysia coming from China i believe and they spent it in Kuala Lumpar. That is one off your bucket list. Do  some research, and make sure you are noting down in your journal every single thing. I will never advice you to get a direct flight if you want to travel on a budget and live the ultimate adventure. Nope.

Step Seven: By now you should have a road map of where exactly you want to go, what you can afford or willing to spend and the itineraries. You should have more than one option, this is like a game! Have fun with this because it is atleast 8  or less months of planning. You want to book many months in advance to actually plan the day to day activities and allow yourself to come up with the funds or cancel or come up with newer ideas. Also booking in advanced are usually much cheaper. You still need patience because you are slowly observing and comparing sites for better deals. 

Here are my favorite websites for flights, housing, and adventure activities. I have all these apps on my phone peops. I live on them even when i’m not planning to travel but i am also very spontaneous hence i’m accidentally going to Iceland and England in April:)

Man oh man, do i love this website.. I mean it gives you the cheapest countries to go to, the cheapest month to travel in and the cheapest day to go on and come back from with multi city layovers. It doesn’t get any better than that. This is where i booked my flight to Iceland and England. CHECK IT OUT! 

Kayak allows you to compare prices with many other booking sites all at the same time. It also has that option to click on “Multi-City” Take it! I booked my last flight to Thailand and Malaysia on there. You already know what days and times are good to travel on, so use those to your advantage. Look for longer layovers where you might or might not have to spend the night, but still get a chance to make a memory.

The name should tell you something right? Get on there peops. Now i have never personally used his one because i’m hooked on Skyscanner but my travel agent who is a travel monster loves it. I have seen good deals on there so take a look! It doesn’t hurt to explore your options. 

Creme de la creme! Ok so guys i only stay at hostels because not only do i love sharing rooms with total strangers from around the world, it usually cost 20 dollars less or more for a night. Now where do they do that at?! Only at hostels so get on there. It also gives you the opportunity to bond with people across the world and make new friends in new cities who maybe can host you for free one day. Also if you like to travel alone, hostels are for loner who really aren’t alone. You can’t beat the package deal! Check it out! I swear by it. Be sure to read all the reviews you possible can about a hostel before you book it, make sure you are comfortable with your booking. 

Airbnb is also one of my favorite because you can go from renting a luxurious yet memorable and artsy place to sleeping on someone’s couch for a few bucks. The option is all yours. With Airbnb you can even rent a tree house peops, how cool is that? Look into whatever fits your style or your personality. I can’t stress it enough, read the review of a location before you book it. If there isn’t any review, don’t try to be the first one to write one when you come back. DON’T book there, we want you alive after all this is over:)

Couchsurfing is like Facebook but for travelers, it is a huge family. Here you can ask someone to host you or just hang out with you and show you around the city wherever you are traveling to. Now because you know you are traveling in lets say six months or so, you have lots of time to put in your request and wait for a response. You might even go as far as hosting a traveler depending on how comfortable you are. Now let’s not forget safety. These accounts have to be verified and make sure you read the other couch surfers’ reviews. Be diligent and smart people. Someone asked me to host them once but because i don’t live by myself, i knew my aunt would freak out! CouchSurfing is a good option if you are looking for free housing and a great experience.  Also, if you are a skeptical person go with hostels or airbnb. serves various purposes; from booking hotels to booking adventure activities to booking flights. I don’t believe you get great deals on any of these options because they don't have discounts. Excuse me? lol The only thing i recommend to book on here are activities because they are are guaranteed amaze balls. City tours and island tours are usually the best when booked from and i am only speaking from experience.  I booked my “Phi Phi Island Tour” on here  for Thailand and it was super awesome. So check it out and make sure you read the reviews. 

These sites need to become your bff travel. Heck your travel kit! You should have booked by now!  Now you start the intricate planning with your budget objectives in mind. How many days do you want to spend in what city and doing exactly what? What hostels are you staying at and what method of transportation? What is the cost of living and the estimate you can spend daily on food? Ask questions and find the answers. This is the fun part though because now your 3 a.m. appointments with your laptop begins. How to spend 3 nights in one city and get the most out of it without spending more than the minimum. The ten things to visit while in “Mexico” or “Sri Lanka” Look into how the bus and train system runs because taxis are not your friend. You get charged on the fact that you are rich because you can afford to fly, not really because it shouldn’t cost that much for transportation. Remember comfort cost money, and we don’t have any. Comfort also takes away from adventure, and we can’t afford to miss out on that. Read reviews and ask any question you want to google. People usually talk about their bad experiences or extremely good ones. 

I hope this helped. Leave any questions, comments or concerns down below. I’m eager to find out if you guys have any tips for me as i am always learning. I am going to Iceland and England in April so i would love to find out what it’s there to do! Talk to me:)

Xoxo Kris



I looked up and down looking for my seat in the plane, i knew i was in row 27 but i didn’t spot 27e. I finally scramble to get to the other side only to discover that i was still sitting in someone’s sit. I wondered how the next 10 days would be, as i took on the adventure of a lifetime ALONE. I couldn’t even find my seat on the plane, so how could i navigate through Bangkok, Phuket, Kualar Lumpar, and Istanbul alone? Yes guys, i am doing this alone and i couldn’t be more scared i mean excited…. 

He looked down smiling and said, “Is this 27d?” I looked up responding “I don’t know, is it?” As it turned out my seat was one sit over. I scooted over apologetically while eyeing him from the corner of my eye. With no transition, as he finally settled down comfortably he engaged me in what would be the best flight conversation of my life. It was as if we knew each other, and we went back and forth between the fantasy realm of movies. He asked me questions on what movies i like and i likewise. We giggled excitingly waiting for one of us to take a break so we can both interject. As it turned out we both loved Marvel, traveling, and fish. As it also turned out we were at different places in our lives; i was traveling to find myself and he was done finding himself as he travelled for work related purposes. He made me laugh as he cared for me through my plane sickness. I had horrible plane sicknesses,  and this stranger duck through his backpack for “Tums” to relieve my ache. He made sure to grab my dinner from the flight attendant as i laid to my side with eyes closed in distress. I desperately wanted to lay on his shoulder but i remembered that he was a stranger. A stranger who hadn’t asked for my name and I likewise. I want you know this man did not hit on me not once, but he showed me more respect and care than i would’ve ever expected from a stranger in my whole life. I hesitated, as all i could think about is us departing ways without ever finding out his name. I waited and waited and waited for the perfect moment to ask, what is your name? 

As the plane landed, i told myself Christane is now or never! I finally blurted out “i didn’t catch your name, what was it” and he responded excitingly “Mike, and yours?” It was all over guys, as it could have been starting but it was all over. His connecting flight was to Berlin as mine was to Bangkok. He had made my trip so memorable but i couldn’t tell him i was going to write about him. He allowed me to go before him as we headed out the plane, i caught a glimpse of his finger. He was married. Is that why he never asked for my email to stay in contact? because he lives right outside of D.C. It wasn’t that i was too young right or the lack of interest in me….he was married. That is how i consoled myself as we would meet again...

Istanbul Ataturk airport is one of the largest airports in the world, and so it is not in your best interest to walk around without a sense of direction. As i stumbled to find the gate for my connecting flight to Bangkok, Mike did the same and we ran into each other. God granted me another hour with this stranger, lol that is what i told myself because he was married but such an awesome person. We decided to discover the airport together since we both had about an hour to spare. We made our way to Starbucks as he told me about his previous work experience. He had worked on a boat for most of his earlier life. For those of you all wandering, he was in his early thirties. We chatted over banana nut bread and chai lattes on our adventures and recommendations for things i should do in Thai. We parted ways but i smiled, because i now knew this solo trip would be short of amazing!

As i waited to board my  connecting flight to Bangkok, i realized i was the only “African American” in a room full of over 150 people. Quite shocking to be honest, i felt like an outcast! But a good outcast because i always begged to defy the odds. But i wondered…did black people not travel to Asia altogether? and why? Was there no fascination for this intriguing culture? Talk to me guys. What are your thoughts.. Everyone in the room came from different continent of the world speaking foreign languages, some backpacking in groups, and many others on business trips. Older couples around the age of 70 had these looks on their faces saying “we are finally going to live the dreams we could never afford” and I on the other hand, felt proud, humbled, and honored that at 22 God had granted me the means and the curiosity to take on a whole new culture in 10 days. The 10 days that would be the most memorable ones of my existence. The 10 days that would allow me to rediscover myself, my passion, my purpose. The 10 days that would fume that inspiration my soul was craving. Yes people, i had set out to conquer 4 cities in 10 days. Cities that i once saw on television as a kid in the underdeveloped nation of Cameroon. Never fathomed the thought that i would be sitting on a plane writing about this adventure ahead of me. 

So come with me as i give you a glimpse of Thailand, Malaysia, and Turkey through my lens. And for many of you wandering, how could she do this ALONE? lol well i go to the movies, dinner, walks, dancing alone. Start small, like grabbing coffee in a place filled with people and you might just have the time of your life. People are so interesting to watch; as they interact with their surroundings and themselves. I loved it! So i love this! Being in touch with your self is the best gift you can offer yourself. It is 9:11 a.m and today is November 11, 2015 and my plane is about to land in Bangkok in about 38 mins. Who is ready? I am not because i want to throw up but my heart is smiling. 

Long taxi ride from the airport, but i was taking it all in. What a beautiful country i thought, lol that was a cliche line but i was just exhausted from the flight. I met Rami who is from Turkey but is here on a vacation. He was kind as to show me how to get out of the airport and got me a taxi, but the guys screamed “bad guy dem” so i doubted i would see him again. As i approached my hostel, i wanted to cry because it was dirty and condensed. I wasn’t home and for a few seconds i wanted to be home. I thought to my self “People live in this environment” I mean the taxi drivers were driving on the pavement, dogs were in the actual street, children were on motorcycles with no helmets. I’m staying a room with 15 unisex strangers, what else could there be? I was staying at Suneta Hostel Khaosan. It cost me only 15 bucks a night…made my way to my bunk bed where i just stared in amazement because even as a little girl growing up in an undeveloped country, I never knew i would share a room with fifteen people. I chose that not only for the monetary convenience but it was a solo traveler friendly place. 
View of Bangkok 
Khao San Road
Rainy day in Central Bangkok

Khao San Road circle

Khao San Road: Famous short street in Central Bangkok. Khaosan Road has developed into a world famous "backpackerghetto".Khaosan shops sell handcrafts, paintings, clothes, local fruits, pirated CDs, DVDs, a wide range of fake IDs, used books, plus many useful backpacker items.
Architect of the city from my hostel room

Every piece of the city was beautiful in its own way. I watched the women cook food on their stands as they prepared to serve customers happily because this was how they made their living. Men and women were tugging at my shirt, wishing for me to purchase their merchandize because putting food on the table depended on it. I watched the Monks dedicated to their religion and beliefs, as their knees hit the floor in worship. I was just taking it all in. It was surreal, i was in Bangkok.

First meal in Thailand: Rice and Fish with Veggies. Yummy
Food vendor on the streets of Bangkok

I wanted to meet new people, and i did. I met Coco and her boyfriend Karl [my roommates], who were kind enough to take me along on their touristic adventures in Bangkok. I later on met Nick and Mitch who happened to have met Coco and Karl in Sri Lanka. As it happens, these four were traveling the world and i never felt more at home than with them. They took me in as one of their own, and i have Coco to thank for it as she was kind enough to answer my first question. We walked around the city till our ankles were swollen mate. We visited The Grand Palace first, and WAT PHO[home of the reclining buddha] second,

Emerald Temple
Coco, Nick, Mitch, Karl and I

The Grand Palace
The construction of the Grand Palace began on 6 May 1782, at the order of King Rama.
It consists of not only royal residence and throne halls, but also a number of government offices as well as the renowned Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

Queen Sirikit [Museum of Textiles]
This establishment embodies Her majesty's efforts to ensure the preservation of Thailand's textile arts for future generation. It's mission is to collect, display and preserve for all who wish to learn about textiles past of present.
The Phra Maha Monthian Group
This area consists of three main buildings, namely the Audience Hall of Amarindra Winitchai, the Paisal Taksin Hall, and the Chakraphat Phiman Hall. 
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The Audience Hall.
It was built in 1785 during the reign of King Rama I. It is used for a number of state ceremonies such as the birthday anniversary of the king.

The Royal Monastery of the Emerald Buddha.
The Emerald Buddha is enshrined on a golden traditional Thai-style throne made of gilded-carved wood, know as a 
Busboy, in the ordination hall of the royal monastery.

The Borom Phiman Mansion
Built in western style in 1903 by King Rama V for the Heir Apparent, the future King Rama VI, this mansion was also used on various occasions as a royal residence by King Rama VII. Presently serves as the Royal Guest House for visiting Heads of States and guest of Their Majesties. 

Textile lining on the temples. All Gold

Inside The Emerald Temple, P.s Cameras not allowed inside.

The Royal Monastery of the Emerald Buddha.
One of the most venerated sites in Thailand where people convene to pay respect to the Lord Buddha and His Teachings. 


The Reclining Buddha [WAT PHO]
Wat Pho was built as a restoration of an earlier temple on the same site, Wat Phodharam, with work beginning in 1788. It was restored and extended in the reign of King Rama III (1824-51), and restored again in 1982
The Reclining Buddha [WAT PHO]
Wat Pho is the birthplace of traditional Thai massage.
Wat Pho is the largest and oldest wat in Bangkok and is home to more than 1,000 Buddha images, more than any other temple in the country.
Wha Pho Temple also shelters the largest Buddha image in Thailand: the Reclining Buddha (Phra Buddhasaiyas). Created as part of Rama III's restoration (1824-51), the Reclining Buddha is 46 meters long and 15 meters high.
Cool shot right? roof top baby lol

Karl, Mitch and Coco in the WAT PHO compound

WAT PHO Temple

Praying to The Buddha
The Buddha and it's altar inside the temple

First night in Bangkok equals thee best night of my life. We went out for dinner. Sat on the streets as people danced and laughed and sang happily..or at-least pretended to be happy. I listened as my new friends talked about their traveling plans to Bali, Australia and more. I was jealous because they made life sound so easy. I wanted to go to those places too! For a second i forgot that i had a job and a life to get back to in 10 days. For a second i also thought i could get use to the backpacking life. After those few seconds, i decided i would be try this again. Traveling that is but venturing out for maybe two months next time. After dinner we somewhat ended up at a massage parlor. The tastiest dish on the menu was the "fully body oil massage". You see Coco and Karl were in a relationship. Nick was out with some woman, and she was on the menu for that night. It left us two; Mitch and myself. We were kind of stuck because everyone seemed busy with someone else. He went on and on about how wonderful the massages were so i couldn't help but try it, view as though i had never gotten a massage in my life. It only cost 180 baht, less than 10 dollars guys. Amazing! It was even more amazing that Mitch and I ended up in a couple's room lol. How did we end up in a couple's massage room? Neither one of us spoke up to insist on a single room, that's how come we ended up in the same room. I was not interested in him not for a single second, but when he took off that shirt! Lordt have mercy. Body goals! I promise you my head wasn't facing the direction in which the masseuse positioned it. I was completely mesmerized by the leanness of his physique, the structure of his perfect abs and the broadness of his shoulder. Maybe my hormones were splattered all over the place see as though it had been almost two years since i had a seen a man without his shirt on. Mitch was a piece of art and i wanted to study him.   Change of subject: I tried a frog that night as well, i don’t know what to say about that..YOLO maybe? We drank beers in buckets, danced and then danced some more. Back to the subject: I had a growing crush on Mitch. It couldn’t be anything more than a crush, i mean was i like crazy? Yes i was! Somehow somewhat we clung on to each other for the rest of the night and decided to actually hold meaningful conversations. He was short of amazing; intelligent, compassionate, goal-oriented. I don't know what ignited the mutual interest but i can tell you what it was for me, the way the woman had poured oil on his back earlier. lol Some call me insane, that is because i am. The night seem young and promising as we danced together, sang along to lyrics and enjoyed each others' company. He got very very sentimental with me and I with him but i blamed it all on the liquor. See in Bangkok people partied till the crack of dawn, so 5a.m found us holding hands in the busy street of Khao San Road, wandering what would come of this fling we desperately wanted to have but the odds weren't in our favor. I will leave this story at that.  I mean just based on the circumstances, it wasn’t happening. But altogether it had been a day filled with laughter, English jokes, music, dancing, memories and life. I never wanted it to end, i never wanted the moments i had with Mitchell to end because it wasn't me. It was so not in character but i loved every minute of it. It seemed i was living someone else's dream but i couldn't be more awake. Bangkok had awakened some dark desires in me and I was finally alive. In the midst of all that i did wander…What did day two hold?

View of the Grand Palace at sunset


I woke up with the smell of breakfast piercing the air..just kidding. I read entirely way too many novels lol I woke up confuse wondering what time it was because at it was my body had not adjusted to the time difference. Thailand is 12 hours ahead of the United States, so really i should be getting ready to sleep not waking up for the day. I didn’t know what this day held because i hadn’t made any plans, but i knew Bangkok was full of surprises. 

Coco, Karl, Mitch and Nick left for Pattaya, Thailand today. I was so sad because i really liked them:( They invited me to come but i couldn't because i have to do this on my own. This trip was about me, finding comfort in being alone even though part of me wanted to hang on to that company and safety net they provided. I showered and headed out for the day. 

Mitch and I didn’t get to say our proper goodbyes after that strange interaction last night. Lol i won’t go into that so just forget it, but can you imagine how awkward it was when i ran into him?! The day was just off to an awful start. I felt so sad and didn’t want to do anything. I felt in-prisoned in a massive cell with without any cracks so no air was coming in. Then i thought to myself should i have came with a friend? Well i sought after inspiration on this trip, but my thinking was completely jammed. I pulled myself together and headed out into the city because i had a few places to visit today. I planned to visit 'The Wat Arun', The Siam center and The World center plaza. I dreaded the whole process because i wanted to cry…lol maybe it was the rain. I caught a tok tok to the ferry boat station, and i absent mindedly forgot my phone in the tok tok. Could you imagine how ruin my day was because it was just too much! Somewhat i was confident that God got me, and guess what, my tok tok driver kept it for me. You know what? i’ve heard so many bad things about Thailand when it comes to stealing but I beg to differ guys because i misplaced my phone TWICE today and each time i went back, they gave it to me. The second time was at a bar around 6 in the morning lol

I caught the public bus to the Siam Center and Central Plaza, which cost me a few pennies each time people. A few pennies. Let that sink in, because the taxi or tok tok would charge you an organ or body part for a 1 mile or less ride. So ‘note to self’ try to limit your interactions with taxis or tok tok if you ever make your way to Bangkok. But tok toks are one of those things you cannot NOT ride with a visit to Bangkok, so put it on your Bangkok bucket list. Both centers were so modernized with stores like H&M, Forever21, Zara to some more nonsense. That is not what i expected. I don’t know what i expected but that wasn’t it. Surprisingly it was on the top 10 “must see in Bangkok” When i think Bangkok, i think rawness; street food, street clothes vendors, dirty streets and freshly fried scorpions or frogs. I love and appreciate that rawness. I didn’t travel 19 hours to feel like i am in the US. The good news is, i tried it as a first timer and as I come back i know exactly what i don't want to do. Ignorance had cleared out my pockets a lot faster than i expected because i was using the wrong tools to navigate or eating at the wrong places were i was being ripped off. It is all a learning process so i refused to complain. 

My day wasn’t packed with excited but my night mate…my night was soo ‘saucy’ I had some new roommates; Becky, Tom and Emma who are backpacking for the next six months across Asia. You know what guys, i love the idea of being on the road so much i could quit everything in the US and stay out here for the next 6 months. It was only day two and i was completely in-love with this country. 24 hours. That's all it took for the Asian Culture to sweet me off my feet. Cambodia, Vietnam, Bali are all countries i should have looked into but you know you never get it right the first time, but the next time will be a home run. We kicked it off right away, and ended up strolling through Khao San Road<most popular strip in Bangkok> together. We went to watch a Ping Pong show, lol very explicit show i would spare you the details or should i tell you more? Basically women pop all things out of their HooHaa, from ping pong balls to bananas. You get the drift lol.  Memories were certainly made, but most importantly i learned that there is so many people out there that love traveling as much as i do. Like it is not a “VACATION” do not call it that. We want to explore the world, learn about cultures, adapt to new ways of life because it is fulfilling for us. Cannot begin to name how many foreigners I have met; from Korea, Scotland, Germany, England, Congo, France, Sweden, Japan. We all have one thing in common, a hunger to discover the world. What about the fact that friendship are born 

over a plate of Chicken Pad Thai? Wishing you could go on with these strangers that some what complete your life? 

I didn't take my camera with me on my nights out guys, didn't want to chance breaking it or breaking it. 

Traveling by toc toc, my favorite

Bangkok traffic

View of local restaurants
The only way to get to the Wat Arun temple is by ferry or boat

Wat Arun can be easily accessed through the Chao Phraya River, and ferries travel across the river towards the Maharaj pier. For the foreigners, the temple charges an entrance fee of 50 baht 

 Wat Arun is among the best known of Thailand's landmarks and the first light of the morning reflects off the surface of the temple with pearly iridescence

Thonburi west bank of the Chao Phraya River

The temple was renamed Wat Chaeng by King Taksin when he established his new capital of Thonburi near the temple, following the fall of Ayutthaya. It is believed that Taksin vowed to restore the temple after passing it at dawn.

Wat Arun Ratchawararam Ratchawaramahawihan [central prang under reconstruction]
Is a Buddhist temple (wat) in Bangkok Yai district of BangkokThailand, on the Thonburi west bank of the Chao Phraya River

The central prang symbolises Mount Meru of the Hindu cosmology.The satellite prang are devoted to the wind god, Phra Phai. The demons (yaksha) at the entranceway to the ubosot are from the Ramakien. The white figure is named Sahassa Deja and the green one is known as Thotsakan, the Demon Rāvana from Ramayana.

The temple enshrined the Emerald Buddha image before it was transferred to Wat Phra Kaew [Grand Palace] on the river's eastern bank in 1785.

Wat Arun, Temple 

My husband aka toc toc driver

The Siam Center

In the Buddhist Temple

The World Central Plaza

The Siam Center

Khao San Road, by night

My day started out with real tears guys, i was just so sad over a lot of things but I couldn’t be more alive by the end of the night, so i wandered…What did day three hold?



You know, it is 7:24a.m and i am widely awake because my body is still on U.S. time. Today is my last full day in Bangkok and i am a little sad because i got use to stepping out of my hotel into the steaming odors of food. I don’t know what i am doing today but i sure plan to make this one an exciting one. Let’s go get it! Side note: I get all my inspiration for things to do on Pinterest so check it out for things to do in places you want to visit.  Ok let’s go get it forreal, well after i take my nap:)

I headed out into the rain without an umbrella and i somewhat didn’t care…that’s not true i did but when you’ve got braids. Life is walk in the park. I made my way into the city on two buses; the 43 and the 1. It is amazing the language barrier that i  have faced over the past few days, but i am also proud of myself for the resilience and will to communicate with the Thai folks. I was headed to China Town. "China town" is one of the top 10 things to do in Thailand so i went for it. The rain came down so heavy i coocked up under a food truck on the side and watched as it washed the heat wave away. Such a beautiful sight as it reminded me of my childhood. 

As I was riding my connecting bus into China town, I couldn't help but feel nostalgic as the undeveloped city reminded me so much of Cameroon. Hell, it looked like Douala. From the set ups of the markets to the large umbrellas covering the many vendors on the pavement. Bangkok was rich in its own way. I was completely in aw. The place is such a diamond, you have got to dig deep though. You know what, they all stared in Aw as I was the only black girl they might have ever seen. Lol I loved it, I loved them or better yet I tasted their culture and I loved it. I sat down in the market and had lunch with them. Absolutely delicious. I had "braised pork on white rice and a side of steamed veggies". This dish cost me less than 2 dollars. Please let that sink in people. Yes, it is less expensive to live here see as though the standard of living is at the low minimum. I took one picture after another because these were memories I wanted to cherish forever. Here is China town Bangkok through my lens

Rainy day on Khaosan Road 



Braised Pork with Rice and a side of veggies

Local Restaurant in ChinaTown

Busy street in ChinaTown

Buddhist gods at the Chinest Temple

Monks at the Chinese Temple in Chinatown

I ran into Emma and Charlotte, my new friends as i was walking back to Khaosan Road. We took the opportunity to take the city in one last time because these were our last days. Please believe me when i tell you this place had become like home in such a short time. I loved it here but i hated watching a mother and her children sleeping on the ground. Yes that is right, on the ground and please bare in mind how dirty these streets are! No sheet no blanket no anything with two children. Was i not blessed then? Was i not highly favored? What about you? count those blessing because believe me when i tell you so many people are so unfortunate as to even have money for a loaf of bread. This truly saddened me, and all i could think is how could i help. 20 baht wasn't going to do it because eventually that was going to run out. Prayer definitely did help, so keep these people in your prayers guys. I knew i would. 

All the walking had exhausted me and swelled me ankles so i went back to the room for a quick nap. My plans for the night was to visit skybar on Silom Rd but it didn’t happen. Skybar is a sophisticated lounge found on a 63rd floor of a skyscraper with a priceless view of the city at night. That didn’t happen so i grabbed dinner at a restaurant and hung out on Khaosan Road with the team. To be quite honest i wasn’t feeling it tonight. I like the ratchet night life but i prefer chill sophisticated ones. It was Friday night so that accounts for the fact that there was about 1000 or more people on that strip including myself. I was drinking because those were never my intensions for the night. It had become such a bust for me but yet i took satisfaction in knowing that i was in Bangkok. Tom, Emma, Becky and I ended going to a rave club where i actually enjoyed fist pumping. I tried to make the best of my last night in Bangkok and it was successful as we sat outside and ate street food one last time. 

Char and Emma


Charlotte and I, National Museum  

Emma and I, National Musuem 

Coconut Icecream on Khaosan Road

Three days! Over! Just like that! Short of Amazing. Life changing experience, soul feeding experience. I walked home at 4:30a.m by myself as i took it all in. I knew i would be back in Bangkok but most importantly i Thanked God for this opportunity he had granted me. I had met some incredible people with whom i had created some incredible bonds. We were all going our separate ways as they were headed to Chiang Mia for the huge festival of the year, but I now had friendships around the world. I was heading South of Thailand tomorrow to Phuket Island where everything would slow down but i couldn’t be more ready. So i wandered…What did day four hold?



Important side note: What i am learning on this trip is the power of research. Knowledge is power, the kind of power that saves you money. So before you engage on anything you set out to do please do as much research as possible, because i am learning after a few days that i did not do the proper research.

Today I am leaving for Phuket which is South of Thailand. During my stay there i plan on visiting Old Town Phuket, Phi Phi Island and stay at a resort in Karon Beach. I want to say i’m excited to board my flight in about 15 minutes but i had such a rough morning.  I had arranged to get picked up by a taxi to the airport for a cheaper price of 130 baht whereas i paid 700baht when arriving because the driver clearly played me.  I accidentally told my driver off because i couldn’t understand a thing he was saying. The hassle of dragging my suitcase around with the hope that it wasn’t my mistake and missing my flight left me quite nauseous. As it turns out i had to pay 400 baht for my little misdemeanor. Still better that 700 baht right? I can’t begin to tell you how much i got ripped off over the past few days lol I’m just going to laugh because i don’t want to cry. 

I booked a night at the Classic Rommanee Hostel in Old town Phuket because i want to explore the ancient city as much as i can when i arrive. I have heard good things about that hostel, it is considered “top de chez top” lol one of the best in the game. It costs 1500 baht a night compared to 1380baht for three nights at the Suneta Khaosan Hostel. Who is excited? i got a window seat so i can give you an overview of the island:) And for those of you wandering from the scale of 1-10 how awful is traveling alone. There is no such thing for this is the best decision i have ever made after making the decision to travel. Once again i am the only black solo person at this airport terminal, what does that even mean? can someone explain to me why US African Americans don’t find this interesting? I get so many stares of confusion but somewhat it completely boosts my ego. Yes i’m different just like you..jerk. 

I landed and caught a mini community bus from the airport into the town which cost me 100baht. The bus wasn’t just waiting outside for everyone to see, it was a relatively cheap one so you needed to have known it’s location. I always loved my window seats as i was the last one rushing to it to catch it, but the privilege was all mine. I gazed into the wilderness while having flash backs about Bangkok. Phuket was nothing like Bangkok. It was covered with the stinch of fresh forest paysage. It seemed as though we were headed up into the mountain pasture, and i was giddy inside. Phuket seemed more developed compared to BK. The roads were cleaner and the street vendors weren’t present. Old town reminded me of Puerto Rico with the ancientness of the houses and the colorblock patterns. As it turns out the architecture was Portuguese and Chinese, which till today still operates as traditional textiles, gold and printing businesses  It was extremely quiet compared to BK. I figured Bangkok was for a different age group because there is no way a 22 year old like me could enjoy this place, but i did. The shops and restaurants were more modern, as it catered to urbanized culture. I was craving a burger so bad mate, but i didn’t feel comfortable trusting them to make that. That is not your specialty so it would taste mediocre lol Cost of living was relatively cheaper in Old Town Phuket; A Chang (beer) cost 70 baht here whereas in BK it was 120baht.  Lots of antique shops and recycled gallery; old town was very art driven. Everyone was so kind and welcoming in Thailand, i never for a second felt the guilt of being alone because the local folks always engaged with me. No matter the fact that we barely understood each other but they patiently tried to give me direction. I walked everywhere to augment my interaction with the culture. I thought i had loved France, scratch that because Thailand has won me over in many different ways.. 

Around 12 a.m i went for walk and chatted with a few locals. As i struggled to get my questions across, they shared with me that the massive night life was in Patong. Another city in the state of Phuket. I sure wish i had had more time in Old town because there was so much beauty within the city; from the art galleries to the corky museums but today was my only day. Phuket Old Town gives you a glimpse of what life was like on the islands 100 years ago when the chinese and Europeans arrived and started mining for Tin.  It is happening all so fast that i can’t indulge in the delightfulness that the city has to offer.  I somewhat have to rush through it because one i am traveling alone, so i need to know exactly what i am doing. That hasn’t been the case because i am learning as i go but i won’t complain. This is such a growth enhancing experience because it causes you to think on your feet, and teaches you how to budget lol. I wasted approximately 3000 baht in BK because i didn’t dedicate more time to research or paying close attention to my surroundings. That was majorly important guys so i am stressing that a lot! P.s there is a a lizard right outside my window as we speak! How cool is that?! I haven’t seen one since i left Cameroon 9 years ago. This is part of the reason why i love it here, the rawness reminds me of my childhood.

It is day 4, and so many thing are running through my head, what would it be like to backpack for a few months across Europe? What is the highlight of this year as it is coming to an end? What is my life going to be like because it seems it can go several ways? I am more confused that ever but one thing is for sure. God is the main one to thank because he has blessed me with the tremendous opportunity to ask myself these questions in the South of Thailand at 3:11am. Tomorrow i have a tour of Phi Phi Island and i am super anxious about that. Everything did slow down in Phuket but i was ready to dig deep within me to find some answers to my questions, so i wandered…What did day five hold?



I barely got any sleep as i tossed and turned all night. My bed had been twice as large as the one in BK, so maybe i wasn’t used to all that space around or was i just lonely..I missed my new friends.

I had a long day in-front of me and no clue as to how i would face it. I woke up at 6 a.m to go for a walk and ask around town where i could catch a public bus to Kata and Karon Beach. I had to be at the Peach Hill Resort at 8 a.m. becauseI booked a Phi Phi Island tour for the day and that was the closest to the resort i would be staying at next since they couldn’t pick me up from my actual hostel or the Mandarava Resort(where i was spending the next two nights) Catching a taxi cost entirely too much; 600 bahts to be precise and the local bus 35 bahts. lol you do the math. I didn’t have a cellphone to contact the tour guide in regards to my late arrival and to top it off i didn’t know where i was going. A woman spoke some English on the bus so she called the company for me. Another man paid for my ride fare see as though i was too discombobulated with no exact change. I caught sight of the resort on a sign by accident and flew to it. As it turns out when I arrived my bus driver had just left, and I missed them by a few seconds but they were able to come back and pick me up. I was carrying all my luggage with me which was unusual but i didn’t have a choice. A girl has got to do what a girl has got to do, so i did what i had to do. It was such a long stressful morning, i mean i paid insane amount of money for a tok tok to take me up to Peach Hill Resort, two minutes away for 200 bahts! I don’t know what i would’ve done have i had missed this tour because it was the highlight of my stay in Phuket. 

The Island tour by the Tour East Thailand LTD was the most important activity i engaged in today so here’s to Phi Phi Island through my lens. 

P.S I met a lovely woman by the name of Donyet, a professor in Los Angeles. Such a lovely person and i am excited about our upcoming friendship! We will like to visit Patong road tomorrow, view as though it is the busiest street at night. Today was a lovely day, if you can’t tell by the pictures.  So i wondered what did Day 6 hold?

Last detail, i have officially checked into the Mandarava Resort and Spa!



This morning i watched the sun rise from the amazing view that my room had to offer. I stared for hours and hours, in complete disbelief that I woke up at this resort where the sea was part of my view. I am also very very sad because i have worked so hard to be a good person but it seems i can’t achieve that. I have hurt so many people while growing and i keep hoping they can forgive me. Or at least, God will grant me the peace that i don’t deserve. Who knew that one could be in Thailand having the experience of a life time but still be as sad as a person sleeping on the street with no food. It is true what they say, you can’t find happiness and peace in the things of the world. It is found in maintaining those healthy relationships that keeps you grounded at all times. Ok enough! I’m going to dust this off and head off to breakfast and explore the resort while i’m at.

Breakfast was amazing! It was so delicious i thought about sticking some croissants in my purse. It was absolutely fantastic, i’m at a resort what do i expect?! As i have noticed resorts are couples and family oriented as i am the only person here by myself. To be quiet honest, it doesn’t bother me because i’m just happy to enjoy my hard earned efforts. I walk around the resort for about 15 minutes as i realized the place was massive and gorgeous. Two infinities pools at the edge of the property with the main pool right in the middle. Absolutely breathtaking. I really like this resort. The Spa was ridiculously expensive so you have to know i wasn’t going in there even though i love massages. About 2500 baht for two hours whereas in Bangkok it was 300baht an hour. I believe the ridiculousness of these prices comes from the convenience of staying at the resort. The prices were thrice as high for the same items anywhere else. The taxi to Phuket International airport is 1200 baht but on your own; meaning catching two buses which i really don't know how to would cost me altogether 135 baht. Massive difference mate. Today i really just want to head straight to the airport without the hassle so i will do that. Convenience, comfort, and relaxation cost money. 

I enjoyed hanging by the pool a few hours before i headed out into the town. I was suppose to meet my new friend from LA in Patong but because we misinterpreted information i headed to the wrong location. I walked around Karon and Kata for hours just taking in everything that it had to offer. I met a lovely russian met who spoke no English whatsoever but enough to flirt with me and tell me he was married. Lol I loved it! Thailand is a touristic driven country, so a lot of places are saturated by travelers. If I did not know any better i would say Karon beach board walk looks a lot like the one in Miami. They even have Palm trees! lol I am curious as to what inspired such a setting...

Today was a much rougher day; emotionally because i get so lost in my heart sometimes. I watched a pregnant woman work from the poolside with her husband next to her and i was envious. But when i was in the streets of Bangkok with my backpacker friends, i very much so felt like one of them. I’m so torn as to what direction my life will take but i like a little bit of both.  I like the serenity and stability of a well thought out life, but deep down inside i want to go with the wind. I wouldn’t mind knowing what the future held. This is why i plan this trip in a way where i put myself in multiple shoes. The high end lifestyle and the low end lifestyle. Hostels are low as 600 bahts/night and Resorts are low as 6000bahts/night. 

Was it worth it? Absolutely! but i know i couldn’t live like this but i also knew i couldn’t live the hostel lifestyle for a long time. Guys i am so afraid of what the future holds…... 
There is so much more i wanted to see in Thailand; the Tiger Kingdom, Big Buddha, Chiang Mia where it is more cultural and quiet, Pattaya, etc. I didn’t get the chance because i was only here for 6 days. There is only so much i can do!, I tell you what..this was a test run so i’ll be back and for sure i'll be ready! Thailand had blessed me in so many ways, opened up my eyes to the personal gifts God has bestowed upon me. The riches of the many cultures, the beauties of the earth, true kindness from human beings, and endless boiled rice supply. So as i sat here and wrote my last post in Thailand, gazing at the sea. I was most importantly thankful because 22 might have had some failures, but it was the most monumental year of my life. 

I would miss you! Thank you for having me. 


Day 7

I woke up earlier today to pack because a taxi was picking me and taking me to Phuket International Airport at 10:30 am. I took a long bath with lipton tea and InStyle magazine by my side just to help relax my nerve. I miserably needed a massage because i was inconsiderably drained. I headed to breakfast one last time. I don’t know what i was more sad about; that delicious breakfast i was leaving behind, the sweet sound of the waves every morning, the bird chirping every morning or Bangkok even…I loved Thailand.  7 days is all it took for me to fall in-love with somewhere who I knew for sure wouldn't disappoint me. I drove to the airport in sadness; drifting in and out of sleep but trying my hardest not to miss my last views of the island. 

I made it to the airport a little late so it was a lot of hassle to check my bags in as they intended to charge me an arm and two legs for it. Almost missed my flight because i forgot to fill out the departure about stress people. My eyeballs were sweating, but the devil is a lie. I made it on the AirAsia flight to Malaysia and 1hr50mins later we landed. The view were amazing as the pictures can testify to it. 

So many more people stared here. It was as if i was an alien, i mean EVERYONE stared in an unwelcoming manner. I didn’t like the feeling i was getting in my stomach. My hotel was an hour away and my driver never once spoke to me. What was it with Malaysians and Black people? I focused on the scenery the drive gladly offered. Ahh, it was short of amazing! It looked like plantations on both sides of the highway. It was covered green and majestic. The beauty eased the knot in my stomach because somehow i felt unwelcome in May May but as we pulled into the city, the architecture made my mouth drop. Skyscraper buildings were everywhere including my hotel. I was staying at The Traders Hotels for two nights, and luckily behind it were the Petronas twin towers. 

I was so exhausted but the sun was setting, and the view from my room was freaking amaze ball. The accommodation was awesome but nothing like the Mandarava; heck they didn’t even offer breakfast as i paid more per night here. Skybar, one of the most famous bars located in every major city in the world was located 10 floors above me so that was cool. I didn’t get a chance to visit Bangkoks’ so you know i was excited. 
P.s the taxi here is more cheaper than Thailand because the the taxi charged by meters whereas in Thai it is a crazy fix amount based on "traveling appearance" I paid 94 ringit for an hour drive to my hotel.  A lot cheaper.

I dropped my bags and snapped a few shots of the room and the view. I showered and crawled into bed with my “Dark Bites” a novel by Sherrilyn KenYon. I ran through a short stories and decided i must go out! I didn’t want to but i had to given the fact that i only had 57 hours in this city. All my clothes were dirty people except my swimming suits. I considered going out in one, but then i remembered the unfriendly stares i got and the fact that Malaysia is an islamic nation. I dare not. It was raining when i finally made my way to the Petronas Towers. Everything and more in person! Gorgeous. I met Sam, a middle eastern man who was kind enough to speak to me. We ended up grabbing dinner (which was absolutely tasteless btw) and showed me around some more. one thing for sure is i hated foreign food. More than likely i never liked anything new i ate. Tonight i had chicken Carbonara, i'm pretty sure that there was a rat in there with no salt. I might have lost weight while here because i eat a lot less. I have fallen in love with a lot of things about this continent, but food wasn't one of them. On a positive note I really enjoyed Sam's accent and his company because everything he said was hilarious lol. He walked me back to my hotel and we arranged to meet tomorrow. 

You know what though, in every city i have been lucky enough to meet awesome strangers who i will soon become friends with. Remember how i said there was something about Black people and Malaysians that was out of place right? Well i expressed my concerns to Sam about that strangeness. He was kind enough to inform me that Africans, Nigerians to be particular have a bad reputation here. They run the deepest prostitution business on the Asian Coast and mostly involve in the “black market” his words. They seem to set up sexual encounters where they rape their victims and steal their information for an even worst extortion.  A cop came up to him to ask him if he was okay, lol i am african so i probably looked Nigerian. It seems “WE" Africans have left a sour taste in their mouth here and hence caused all the unwelcoming stares i have been receiving. I was in so much shock when he explained this to me but i understood better. I even saw a couple of Nigerian women dressed the part lol. I do pray for a better future on our behalf because every person should feel safe visiting Malaysia without being prejudiced by such stigma.  Sam worked for a travel agency and he had been all around these parts of the continent; Indonesia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Bali, China, India, Dubai, Qatar, etc. One thing for sure based on our good vibes, we would stay in contact and maybe reconnect in Bali. He loved it there and my curiosity was now peaked.

I wanted to go to Skybar but given the fact that i had no decent clothes and i looked crazy from fatigue, i regressed. I snuck back into my bed and devoured a couple more pages and less than 20 minutes later, i drifted in oblivion. I couldn’t be more tired and happy to have made it to Malaysia, but i wandered…What did day eight hold?

Carbonara with the rat!

The Petronas Twin Towers


Day 8

I had gotten the habit over the past few days to open up my novel and go through a few chapters before i actually got out of bed. It was the best way to start my morning! I loved it. I headed up to the swimming pool to “swim” for a few hours because i found it relaxing. By swimming i mean standing in water. A girl can’t swim but the view from the swimming pool was magnificent. It was facing the pertronas twin towers. I truly wanted to lay there all day, but that’s not how sweet life is right?

I had no itinerary as to where i was going today but i showered, gathered my stuff and just headed out. I knew nothing of how the bus or train system worked but one thing was for sure i wasn’t paying RM35 for a 5 minute drive. I asked around and with clear direction i found the train to Kuala Lumpar Sentral for RM2. Do the math! On the train i met a group of Korean travelers headed to the famous Batu Caves, and luckily they allowed me to tag along. The train ride was well worth it because the architecture of the city was just…..exquisite. Malaysia’s metro system is well advanced people, you would be surprised. So intricate but yet so precise.

An hour later, we arrived at The Batu Caves and boy was i blown away. I noticed a lot of Hinduism in the culture, with the shrines and the vendors. I was quite surprise because i thought this was a muslim driven nation. It was very interesting but i had come to the conclusion that this is the part of the culture i wouldn’t be able to adjust to. I cringed at the thought of it all but i will speak no further.   A few hours later we headed back to KL Sentral where we had lunch and split ways. I had decided to visit the KL Bird Park and the Botanical garden. Once again, i didn’t know how to get there but asked and it shall be given on to you. I met a bunch of German backpackers who gladly walked with me as we all searched for the place. We walked for about 45 minutes aimlessly and finally found the KL Bird Park. This is one of the biggest flee park in the world. 

Hours later, i made my way out the park with blisters on my toes. I was completed exhausted but my goal was to visit three places today. I searched aimlessly for the Botanical Lake garden; one of the biggest parks in South East Asia. Asked around a few times and finally found it. Please believe me when i tell you i was too tired to indulge in the beauty of the spacious garden. I sat down and stared and prayed i didn’t fall asleep and get my stuff stolen and move to Malaysia to become a baker. We don’t want me to bake. I suck. 6 hours later i made my way back to the hotel while getting lost a couple of times. I can gladly say getting lost in a foreign city isn’t so bad because it helps you discover unknown places. I loved it! Tonight they had a water show in-front of the twin towers; it attracted over 200 people including many travelers. I smiled because i couldn’t believe i had made “this” happened. No matter how many people stared at me, i brushed it off and focused on living in my moment. I watched how everyone interacted with each other, and i found it quite fascinating. Some people are welcoming while many others are skeptical if not judgmental. Nonetheless it was always pleasurable to people watch.

Tonight was my last night in KL, so i wanted to go out with a bang! I showered and made myself look presentable because i had completely ran out of clean clothes. I made my way up to the famous Skybar; high end lounges in major cities around the world. I wanted to go to the one in Bangkok but i didn’t get a chance remember? Luckily it was 10 floors up from room! This was the first time in my whole life that i was alone at a lounge or bar and i felt darn GOOD! i moved and danced freely to the sound of music with no worries in the world. I felt free, at peace and contempt. I thought to myself, The Petronas Twin Towers are staring right at me as we speak. I am at Skybar in Malaysia. What a great time to be alive? Yes that was it. "WHAT A GREAT TIME TO BE ALIVE" was the title of my trip. This past year i had felt worth less, useless, unaccomplished, incompetent and a failure but tonight it rung in my ears “What a Great Time to Be Alive"

Few hours later, as my head hit the sheets. I knew i was actually happy, but i wandered…what did day 9 hold?


Day 9

I struggled with waking up today! I wanted to dive into the swimming pool one last time but my body wouldn’t cooperate. All the sleepless nights and early morning were finally catching up to me. Today was my last day in KL and i wanted to just teleport back to the U.S. For the past week i had been rushing from one city to another with the fear of missing my flight or not making it to a specific activity. I was exhausted and my lower body was giving out on me. I never made it to the pool but i checked out just in time. My flight was at midnight so i had a whole day to make it count. I rushed to the monorail(train station) to catch a train to Kuala Lumpar Sentral for lunch. 

Nothing ever seized to amazed in Malaysia anymore, as the stares tripled over the last few days. I was so curious as to what exactly it was that people thought when they stared fiercely into my face…Is it that my complexion was fair? That couldn’t be possible because i was as chocolate as it came. So what was that look of prejudice i received everytime i stepped out of my hotel room? I had lunch at one and only favorite food place; a Japanese restaurant. Let me clear the air in case you all were wandering; I didn’t like the food here at all so to find a place where i could manage to swallow a bite and enjoy it was God sent. The food at this restaurant was incredibly delicious.  They served rice with chicken, a bowl of soup, and hot green tea. I went there 3 or 4 times a day to say the least. 

After lunch i caught a bus to the Central Market which was like a flee market with different vendors stationed all around. It was a 2 minute drive from the KL Sentral. I was like a walking corpse, i barely took a look around before i fell asleep on a cafe table somewhere in the market. Central Market reminded me of the street markets in Bangkok. Nothing special other than the nature of the merchandize. Visiting Central Market was one of the activities i had to cross off my list because it was on the top 10 things to do in KL but i didn’t fancy it. 

A lovely man who was about 68 years old woke me up to ask me if i was African or even Nigerian.  I often got asked that but why Nigeria i ask him? he said well if i was african then he wouldn’t speak to me because Africans are looked down upon in Malaysia. He then proceeded to inform me of the fact that he had never spoke to a “black” person before up until now.  He went on to ask me my age and got all psychic on me. According to him Ruby was to be my stone of choice and 4 was my lucky number. I shouldn’t get married first, but most importantly i have a hard time being satisfied by men. LOL I also liked to control men in bed and vice-versa. He assured me that was he not in a fasting period he would help me with an orgasm. I said "Excuse me?" he laughed it off and asked me if i like bigger or smaller penises because us “black” women tend to like them big. Then i laughed because i couldn’t believe i was having this conversation with a grown stranger.  He then proceeded to asking me if i had been with a white man, and what was the difference in centimeters? Lol i laughed and said, rather smaller but both black or white sucked. He continued by asking, "what do you like them to do?" I said i actually don’t know but i must leave right now as i dash off. He yelled his name and asked me to contact him if i ever wanted to feel good in places i didn’t even know existed to begin with.

That conversation woke me up for sure! That is one of the main reasons i enjoyed traveling; having indescribable conversations with strangers. I mean can you imagine anything more interesting that talking to people about things that you usually never talk about? Sex was an odd subject for me but he was able to cross that bridge in less than 15 minutes. That was the high light of my day. I knew i was going to miss this place. The memories had been embedded in my subconscious as i would crave the same freedom my spirit had acquired once i went back to the U.S. I walk back to the subway with pride because i now possessed something that no one could ever take from me; and that is true love. 

In two days i had learn to catch the subway across the city and i couldn’t be more proud. It was sad that as i became part of the people, i was leaving the people. I rode the train one last time as i stared at the architect in KL. God’s creation and creativity was amazing. This was home away from home minus the food. I was longing for something; that is what motivated this trip. I knew that there had to be another way of life more satisfying that the one i was living but i didn’t know what it entailed. South East Asia had taken my breath away and somewhat restored a piece of my missing soul. 

Here i was heading to the airport on an underground train because my journey was over. Met a South African and Canadian couple who were heading back to Canada but had a day layover in Malaysia and decided to go out into the city. They went on and on about how awesome Sri Lanka was as they had just came from there. I went on and on about how awesome Thailand was as i had just come from there. We had a few things in common; we loved traveling, we were just in KL, we were headed to the airport to go home but most importantly we had a freedom about our spirits.

I knew i had changes to make when i got back to the US, but the first step had been completed. So i wandered, What did day 10 hold?  as i would spend it in Istanbul, Turkey.

Skybox by day

Batu Caves

Bird Park

Botanical Garden

At the Japanese Restaurant


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